Austin Woodall, AVG Sales Engineer on How We Add Value

We are constantly working to deliver a better customer experience. We want our customers to be wowed every time with their audio-video solution and our team who made it possible.

As the business owner, it’s critical that I meet with the team regularly to discuss how we add value and what we can do to improve on this. Austin Woodall, one of our sales engineers here, offered this perspective…

How We Add Value

“If you’re like me, you need a reason to do what you do. AVG services quite a few houses of worship in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia regions. While I won’t get into my religious beliefs, I do want to talk about what religion is and why our role is important.

Religion is the relationship between people and higher consciousness. Sometimes this higher consciousness is a mental or emotional state within. Sometimes this higher consciousness is an awareness of the connection between self and reality. Sometimes this higher consciousness is a supreme being.

Regardless of the form, each religious practice is accompanied by an organization. Each organization represents a unique lineage of ethos, mythos, pathos, and rituals designed to fulfill a common purpose. Here’s where it gets interesting.

The purpose of any organized religion is to provide an environment, like a house of worship, where an individual can have a religious experience, or a shared religious experience, express that experience openly and honestly in a community of peers, and to not only be accepted but celebrated by that community. That’s the service a house of worship offers. Here’s where AVG comes in.

There are many ways to induce a religious experience. A work of art or architecture alone can do it. An impassioned sermon or a beautiful song can do it. That’s the essence of “sharing voice and vision.” We enable these houses of worship to connect with their communities on a level that satisfies their need to belong. Not only does a well-tuned and functional system provide a pleasant environment, but it makes for an impressive experience. AV systems have become an integral part of the service the house of worship provides.

This is the value we provide to those communities. And I am proud to be a part of that.”

Austin Woodall, Sales Engineer, Audio-Video Group

I am in awe of my team every day. Their dedication to their profession and to our clients is something any business owner could be very proud of. AVG provides technological solutions that allow people to effectively and efficiently convey their message – sharing their voice and vision – hopefully with an intimate feel, while in a group setting.

That is what drives us.

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