3 Hot AV Products from 2014 Infocomm Show

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot this month. At Audio-Video Group, we’ve identified the three hottest products that can fill your AV needs for this summer and beyond. Each of these products were featured during this year’s InfoComm conference in Las Vegas, a well-known hotspot for the latest and greatest in AV technology.  Whether you are looking for a stunning video system or a comprehensive way to mix your audio, you won’t want to miss these three items.




1. Crestron Digital Media Switcher

What’s so special about a Crestron Digital Media Switcher?  It’s simple: 4K capabilities.  If you aren’t yet familiar with the term 4K, it is synonymous with Ultra-High Definition.  4K is shorthand for the amount of pixels in the display, and it’s the logical next step from current 1080p displays. The problem is that to build a solid 4K system, all system components have to be compatible with the technology.  An upgraded Crestron Digital Media Switcher allows multiple sources to be passed to multiple displays, and even scaled up to 4K or down to 1080p.  The future of video displays could be here, and if you want to make your system look beautiful, you should take a look.


 2. Allen and Heath QU-32


The QU-32 is the latest digital mixer from Allen and Heath, and whether you are a mixing novice, a digital enthusiast, or an old school sound sage, you’ll find something to love about this product.  It’s equipped with 38 in/28 out, 33 motor faders, and an abundance of preamps to suit all of your live sound needs.  And once you find the sound settings you want, the QU-32 allows you to save them using its Total Recall software, so you can pull them back up and use them for other performances.  You can even use the Qu-Pad app on your iPad to tweak the mix from anywhere in the room.  This mixer just might be the perfect tool to manage your audio system.


3. Digital Projection HIGHLite Laser WUXGA 3D Projector

This projector is certainly the brightest lamp in the box!  Digital Projection’s newest laser projector is equipped with a stable solid-state light source that delivers a stunning 10,000 lumens, image edge blending, technology and even 3D capabilities, this projector is sure to light up any room it’s in.  And thanks to new technology, you won’t have to worry about replacing lamps; the light source can perform for over 20,000 hours.  That’s 27 months straight that you can spend feasting your eyes upon a bright, beautiful, and clear display.  With that kind of longevity, you’ll be enjoying this projector for years to come.


Keep an eye out for these hot new products, and remember that when you’re looking to upgrade your AV system, Audio-Video Group is here to help.  With a variety of great product options to choose from, we can help you keep your system up to date.

If you want to learn more about these products, call Audio-Video Group at 301.668.4448 or contact us on our website, www.audiovideogroup.com for more information.

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