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Audio-Video Design Process + What Makes Us Different?

The audio-video design process is something you should take into consideration when looking for an A/V integrator. At Audio-Video Group, our goal is always to help you share your voice and vision with your audience. Over the past 20 years, we have been lucky to have so much support from our wonderful, loyal clients who have helped us build and grow as a company and as part of the community. We’re proud to have become the team we are. We’d like to share the top three reasons we’re different from other audio-video companies. A Complete Audio-Video Design Process Saves You…

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Church Audio-Video Equipment & Finding The Right Solution

You and your fellow church members have worked hard to build a fantastic, inclusive, close-knit community. You have people ready and willing to volunteer to help your church grow. And in this age of virtual services, you have an increasing need for high-quality church audio-video equipment. Consider All Stakeholders We’ve discussed many of the benefits that a great audio-video system can bring to your house of worship and shared client success stories with you. Considering all stakeholders is important to remember when designing an integrated solution of lighting, sound, and video equipment. This includes the pastors, volunteers, in-person worshippers, and…

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Helping Churches in the Pandemic

There are many variations of how we helped churches in the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit just about every sector of society in one way or another and at Audio-Video Group, we have been happy to help a broad range of clients cope with the changes they’ve faced. In doing so, we have learned quite a bit about doing our work better and helping our community. In particular, houses of worship have faced interesting challenges that have pushed us to find new solutions and think of things in different ways. Our Director of Sales, John Pierce, CTS put together…

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Temperature Scanners & Your COVID A/V Technology Tool Kit

Developing an audio-video technology tool kit can help you now and far into the future. Institutions of all kinds are trying to safely remain open during this marked spike in COVID-19 cases, especially considering the upcoming holidays. At Audio-Video Group, we have several ways we can help, including temperature scanners. No-contact infrared temperature scanners are popping up all over the place this year, everywhere from airports to restaurants.  What are Temperature Scanners? They are a first layer of screening safer to use than methods requiring contact with another person or with a device that needs to be sanitized between every…

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Should Your Next Virtual Event be Pre-Recorded or Live?

If you’re considering if you want your virtual event to be Pre-Recorded or Live, check out the pros and cons for each. Virtual events have become the norm in 2020. They will likely continue to be popular in the coming years as organizations realize their benefits, including reaching a wider audience, increasing accessibility, reducing cost, and preventing COVID spread. Pre-recorded and live events each have their pros and cons. We can help you decide which model will work better for you, or if you should combine elements of both, and work with you every step of the way to ensure…

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How to Keep Your Team Safe & Productive at Work

We know you want to keep your team safe and productive at work. With Maryland and surrounding states in Stage Three reopening, many companies are bringing at least some employees back to the office. Employers have valid concerns about how to keep their staff healthy while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. Governor Hogan’s office has excellent guidelines on safely reopening personal and professional services offices. The CDC also has great advice on how to get employees back into an office setting. Your goals for your office will be individual to you. Whether you want everyone back working in person…

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Helping Your Parishioners Meet Their Spiritual Needs During the Pandemic

Churches haven’t stopped serving their parishioners during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet those services tend to look different now than they did at the start of the year. As houses of worship work to accommodate their community, Audio-Video Group is developing more and more ideas to make church accessible. Hybrid Service Model & How It Works In-person capacity is likely to continue to be limited through the winter, including the winter holiday season. Many churches use a hybrid model for services, much like classroom teachers are doing throughout the country. In this setup, the churches have some parishioners in person (with…

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Plan Now for Great Holiday Gatherings

This holiday season is looking like it will be very different from those in our recent memory. From winter holiday services to company parties, we want to help make this a fun and festive season for your house of worship or organization.

Tips to reopen safely – we can help.

If you need tips to reopen, we can help you do it safely and seamlessly using A/V technology. As more organizations are reopening, business owners and church leaders are rightly wondering how they can serve their communities and keep everyone safe at the same time. This is an unprecedented moment, so it’s okay to not have all the answers. That’s why we’re here–to help you set up seamless, easy-to-use technological solutions. In this week’s post, we will walk you through some considerations and ideas for different kinds of institutions. Houses of Worship Whether they are looking to hold regular weekly…

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Milestone Events & Family Gatherings: Possible with the Right Technology

With Maryland and Virginia schools closed for the rest of the year, many families are wondering how they will celebrate their children’s high school graduations. Upcoming weddings, dance recitals, and even funerals. They all present challenges during the pandemic. We want to be there for each other in good times and bad while still complying with the appropriate social distancing and safety measures that are working to flatten the curve. Everyone wants to know when things will be back to normal, but “normal” isn’t going to be the old way of doing things. Audio-Video Group can help you prepare for…

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