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How to Keep Your Team Safe & Productive at Work

We know you want to keep your team safe and productive at work. With Maryland and surrounding states in Stage Three reopening, many companies are bringing at least some employees back to the office. Employers have valid concerns about how to keep their staff healthy while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. Governor Hogan’s office has excellent guidelines on safely reopening personal and professional services offices. The CDC also has great advice on how to get employees back into an office setting. Your goals for your office will be individual to you. Whether you want everyone back working in person…

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Helping Your Parishioners Meet Their Spiritual Needs During the Pandemic

Churches haven’t stopped serving their parishioners during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet those services tend to look different now than they did at the start of the year. As houses of worship work to accommodate their community, Audio-Video Group is developing more and more ideas to make church accessible. Hybrid Service Model & How It Works In-person capacity is likely to continue to be limited through the winter, including the winter holiday season. Many churches use a hybrid model for services, much like classroom teachers are doing throughout the country. In this setup, the churches have some parishioners in person (with…

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Plan Now for Great Holiday Gatherings

This holiday season is looking like it will be very different from those in our recent memory. From winter holiday services to company parties, we want to help make this a fun and festive season for your house of worship or organization.

Wondering How to Reopen? We Have Tips.

As more organizations are reopening, business owners and church leaders are rightly wondering how they can serve their communities and keep everyone safe at the same time. This is an unprecedented moment, so it’s okay to not have all the answers. That’s why we’re here–to help you set up seamless, easy to use technological solutions. In this week’s post, we will walk you through some considerations and ideas for different kinds of institutions. Houses of Worship Whether they are looking to hold regular weekly services or special events like weddings, worship leaders will have to be concerned with keeping parishioners…

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Milestone Events & Family Gatherings: Possible with the Right Technology

With Maryland and Virginia schools closed for the rest of the year, many families are wondering how they will celebrate their children’s high school graduations. Upcoming weddings, dance recitals, and even funerals. They all present challenges during the pandemic. We want to be there for each other in good times and bad while still complying with the appropriate social distancing and safety measures that are working to flatten the curve. Everyone wants to know when things will be back to normal, but “normal” isn’t going to be the old way of doing things. Audio-Video Group can help you prepare for…

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Tech Industry Tariff Troubles

The tech industry—as well as many others—is feeling the impact of the most recent proposed expansion of tariffs on imports from China. Computers, batteries, smartphones, projectors, speakers, and televisions are just a few of the products that could be affected by these changes. That means that production and delivery could be majorly delayed. As industry professionals with years of experience, we’re used to policies creating ripple effects in production. We’re prepared to adjust production timelines and reduce major impact to the overall success of a project because of these delays. But companies that take on A/V projects themselves might have…

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Reflections from InfoComm 2019

By John Pierce Each year, nearly 50,000 attendees come from around the world to see the latest and greatest A/V products from 1,000 exhibitors at InfoComm. This year in Orlando, as I perused the exhibits and spoke with the exhibitors, I solidified my longtime fear that our industry has become commoditized. There were times where I spoke to several vendors who all had basically the same product at different price points, and I thought about how confusing that would be for someone without our experience buying directly from a manufacturer. The point is, there’s always going to be someone out…

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The MEEC Shall Inherit

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a MEEC contract and are a MEEC vendor for 2019. The Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC) is a membership-based organization made up of public and private K-20 educational institutions, federal institutions, and public libraries in the state of Maryland. MEEC provides these members with contracts to more efficiently purchase IT hardware, software, and technology-related services at a better value.  This is a great opportunity for us to expand our project portfolio and client list, as well as support the public and private education organizations in Maryland. If you’re a MEEC member, let…

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To itemize, or not to itemize: that is the question.

We get asked all the time if we can itemize our proposals to include a list of each product’s individual price. We’ve collectively been in business for more than 26 years now, and have never found a situation where an itemized list of equipment and pricing has provided useful information. When comparing our proposal against a competitors’, an itemized list is only helpful if every single item in each proposal is the exact same make and model. And even then, the overall price would still be the determining factor, not how each vendor breaks up that price per line item….

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Expert Series 4: Lighting 101

So far, our expert series has explained that when it comes to audio, control is king, and for video, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For our next installment in the series, we’re talking lighting. Lighting is all about making things stand out, and we’re focusing on two main types of lighting today: atmospheric lighting and theatrical lighting. Atmospheric Lighting Atmospheric lighting is mostly about using creativity to develop environments that engage emotions. Experts use bright colors, transitions, and movement to create these environments. In the houses of worship industry, for example, atmospheric lighting is used…

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