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AVoIP: The good, the bad, the ugly

AVoIP, or audiovisual over internet protocol, has been top of mind recently for those of us in A/V industry. Not to be confused with VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, AVoIP gives users the ability to transmit and switch A/V data over a standard ethernet network. It opens almost endless possibilities for users in terms of system control and flexibility. But there are a few things to consider before diving headfirst into the world of AVoIP. What is AVoIP? To break it down, AVoIP is all about sending audio and video data over traditional IP mediums, like your home or…

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Products We Love: Direct View LED

If you’ve been in the market for digital signage or a large venue video screen, you’ve probably heard the term “Direct View LED” being thrown around. You probably know what LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are. But what does “Direct View” mean, and do you need it? We’ll help break it down for you! Direct View LED Overview A Direct View LED display is a flat-panel display that uses hundreds of tiny LEDs mounted directly onto a panel with no glass overlay. Instead of the LEDs working as a backlight behind glass, like in a traditional LED display, the LEDs produce…

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Products We Love: Contemporary Research Venue Vizion

These days, video is everywhere. It is undoubtedly the most engaging form of content, which is why bars, medical offices, houses of worship, stadiums, and convention centers are investing in HD video distribution. Integrating these AV assets can be extremely expensive, which was a roadblock for many smaller facilities trying to implement video distribution. But, Contemporary Research’s new Venue Vizion uses technology that already exists in most venues to deliver HDTV distribution and control for a fraction of the price. Venue Vizion gives users control over multiple TVs, including the channel, volume, and power. Think about a bar with multiple…

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Conferencing Mics: To use or not to use? That is the question.

Conferencing microphones can be used for any number of events, but their most popular use today is for political meetings. That’s because they give you the option of turning the mic on and off depending on who’s speaking, they have the option of adding a voting feature directly on the mic stand, and the features can be scaled up or down depending on your specific needs. Additionally, most microphones of this nature, like Brahler’s line of conference technology, are very high quality, with crystal clear audio. So, the big question most clients have is whether or not they need conferencing…

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Biamp Systems Takes Cost-Effective, Easy-To-Install Conference Rooms To The Next Level

BEAVERTON, Oregon — Biamp Systems, a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems, announced the expansion of its Tesira® audio and video platform. During ISE 2018, Feb. 6-9 in Amsterdam, Biamp (booth 3-B120) will demonstrate its latest innovations, which include new power over Ethernet (PoE+) amplifier technology and a series of Beamtracking™ ceiling microphones that raise the bar for an exceptional conferencing experience. Biamp’s whole-room, all-digital solutions are designed to reduce programming time for integrators and provide cost-effective, crystal-clear audio quality to end users. “Adding these new components to our industry-leading Tesira platform allows our customers to utilize Biamp products with a total room solution…

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Out With the Old and In With the New: Outdated Tech and Its Replacement

Technology moves quickly, so keeping your business ahead of the curve can be a challenge. Here are some upgrades that we recommend in 2018 to keep your organization running smoothly and efficiently. Dry Erase Whiteboards VS Interactive Displays If your company has any type of conference room, classroom, or meeting space, we bet you have a whiteboard hanging on the wall. Whiteboards are good for brainstorming and teaching, but once the information is erased, it’s gone for good. They also require upkeep and never quite look clean, no matter how many times you erase them. Now, dry-erase boards are a…

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Products We Love: LED Wall Panels

We’re sure you’ve seen them. Hanging in retail stores displaying the latest sales and deals, on stage at a concert behind Lady Gaga or Luke Bryan, or even at church on Sunday morning. We’re talking about LED wall panels—the ultra thin, ultra light solution to video reproduction. AVG recently installed 50 LED panels in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church of Rockville (FBCR) to make up two large video walls, and they’re already seeing the benefits. The project started when the church wanted to update their old 4:3 rear projection screens. AVG could have just installed a new projection…

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Products We Love: QSC Q-SYS™ Digital Software Platform

QSC, LLC, has been in the A/V design and manufacture business for nearly five decades. Their long list of expertise and wide range of available services has made them AVG’s trusted partner for many years. We also appreciate the company’s values, which mirror some of our own, like integrity and commitment. While we use many of their products, we think the Q-SYS Digital Software Platform is a unique solution to incorporate into your new or current audio system. This product provides an easy solution for routing and controlling audio and is ideal for facilities with many separate buildings. A processor…

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Product Overview: ClearOne® Teleconferencing Systems

In today’s business age of reduced travel budgets and green practices, fewer companies are relying on travel and more are incorporating teleconferencing to meet their goals. The problem lies in the equipment used for these teleconferences. Most companies are using outdated equipment that’s hard to use, unsightly, and most importantly, doesn’t completely meet all of their needs. Have you ever misheard a client because of bad audio or were interrupted by background noise or feedback? Those days are over. When looking into updating our own teleconferencing equipment, we immediately looked at ClearOne®’s INTERACT Pro® and CONVERGE® Pro series’, along with…

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Featured Vendor: Vaddio’s RoboSHOT HD-SDI Series Camera

Vaddio offers some pretty great products. Check out this article from Vaddio featuring their new RoboSHOT HD-SDI series cameras. These are cool products because there is no additional output card, which is usually needed for a camera with HDSDI.  That gives them sleeker and smaller profiles. ***