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Zoom, Teams, Meet, or Agnostic?

The world of video conferencing has boomed, offering a plethora of platforms for remote connection. But with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet as the big three, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each, along with the agnostic approach, to help you decide what fits your needs. Zoom Pros: Renowned for its user-friendly interface, Zoom boasts robust features like breakout rooms, screen annotation, and large meeting capacities (depending on the plan). Cons: Free plans have time limitations, and some past security concerns might give you pause. Additionally, advanced features often require higher-tier…

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Building the Perfect AV Setup for Webinars and Virtual Workshops

Online events increasingly become the gold standard for education, business, and non-profits. But great content is not enough for the success of a webinar or online workshop. You must create an environment where content can be consumed without technical distractions and ensure top-quality presentation. That’s where AV tech comes into play. In this article, we will discuss ways to improve the quality of your online events. Choosing the Right Camera In the world of webinars, your camera is the bridge connecting you to your audience. Using laptop cameras in such cases is not the best solution, as they often compromise…

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What’s a Huddle Room & How It Can Benefit My Audio Video?

What’s a Huddle Room and Why Should I Care aND HOW IT CAN BENEFIT MY AUDIO VIDEO? The days of rows and rows of cubicles and glass-doored offices may really be over. As remote work becomes more and more normal, the business office floor plan needs some drastic changes. Open office spaces are more popular so that the employees that do come into the office can collaborate freely and reserving space is less complicated. However, open floor plans come with their own set of problems – namely, privacy for phone calls and quiet for the same. Creating an office for…

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Local Religious Organizations Create Audio-Video Trend

Most of us pivoted in the past two years, and some organizations survived by adding new technology to a new plan. “90% of Americans say the internet has been essential or important to them, many made video calls (and used steaming video), and 40% used technology in new ways.”—Pew Research Center One market segment that quickly pivoted to add streaming video includes religious organizations. Some even grew the size of their congregation by using streaming video. Engagement grew with their longtime community, and even new followers found their place of worship through streaming video. Viewers can now visit their local…

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Today’s Virtual or Hybrid Conference

Who are the conference planners? They are the team that picks the perfect location, plans every aspect of the event to keep attendees engaged, and manages the event budget. Their job became even more challenging in early 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic quickly transitioned the business of conferences to virtual or hybrid events. But how do you plan a virtual event that keeps attendees engaged over several days? Of course, a virtual conference is not a string of Zoom meetings for hundreds of guests. In this blog, we will provide the top tips for planning a virtual or hybrid conference and…

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