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Helping Your Parishioners Meet Their Spiritual Needs During the Pandemic

Churches haven’t stopped serving their parishioners during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet those services tend to look different now than they did at the start of the year. As houses of worship work to accommodate their community, Audio-Video Group is developing more and more ideas to make church accessible. Hybrid Service Model & How It Works In-person capacity is likely to continue to be limited through the winter, including the winter holiday season. Many churches use a hybrid model for services, much like classroom teachers are doing throughout the country. In this setup, the churches have some parishioners in person (with…

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Plan Now for Great Holiday Gatherings

This holiday season is looking like it will be very different from those in our recent memory. From winter holiday services to company parties, we want to help make this a fun and festive season for your house of worship or organization.

Audio-Video Group is Staying Busy Helping Our Community

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our normal ways of life, many businesses, houses of worship, schools, and other institutions are working hard to find new ways to serve their communities. Audio-Video Group is proud to be part of those efforts by working strategically with clients to help them adjust to new realities. Houses of worship continue to hold virtual services or work with a hybrid model to accommodate reduced capacity seating. Audio-Video Group has been helping them with live streaming and recording. “It is important that the churches have great audio, video, and lighting capabilities to make the…

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Resthaven Funeral Services and Mourning in a Pandemic

Funerals can be emotionally challenging at any time, and particularly during a pandemic. People are concerned about losing their loved ones to COVID-19, and the bereaved now have to be worried about the spread of COVID-19 at a funeral service. In Frederick, MD, Resthaven Funeral Services is working with Audio-Video Group to update their A/V systems and live stream capabilities to help families celebrate their lives and grieve the deaths of their loved ones. “Audio-Video Group built a state-of-the-art system that integrated monitors in the funeral home chapel, community room, and children’s playroom. And a closed-circuit camera in the sanctuary,…

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Audio-Video Group Now Offering No-Contact Temperature Scanning Technology

With so many businesses, churches, and medical and educational facilities working to ensure the safety of their communities, Audio-Video Group is proud to offer no-contact temperature screening technology. Temperature check tablets use infrared sensors to alert the person to a high temperature in one second. These highly accurate sensors use a complex algorithm to measure within a 0.5 degree Fahrenheit range. The tablets can be mounted on a table or wall or be free-standing. This surprisingly affordable option allows the first layer of screening technology that is both sanitary and efficient–people can stand up to three feet away and don’t…

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Eric Johnson: Sharing Voice and Vision for 20 Years

Eric Johnson founded Audio-Video Group in 2000 because he wanted to build relationships with clients in his community and ensure they could spread their message effectively. Now, 20 years into the life of Audio-Video Group, he’s reflecting on the journey and what he has accomplished. Eric discovered his love of electronics while in high school and graduated from college with an Associates Degree in Electronics Technology. He worked in nurse call and school intercom systems until his father, a church pastor, introduced him to a contractor who specialized in church sound. Eric got a job with that company. As his…

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Wondering How to Reopen? We Have Tips.

As more organizations are reopening, business owners and church leaders are rightly wondering how they can serve their communities and keep everyone safe at the same time. This is an unprecedented moment, so it’s okay to not have all the answers. That’s why we’re here–to help you set up seamless, easy to use technological solutions. In this week’s post, we will walk you through some considerations and ideas for different kinds of institutions. Houses of Worship Whether they are looking to hold regular weekly services or special events like weddings, worship leaders will have to be concerned with keeping parishioners…

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Milestone Events & Family Gatherings: Possible with the Right Technology

With Maryland and Virginia schools closed for the rest of the year, many families are wondering how they will celebrate their children’s high school graduations. Upcoming weddings, dance recitals, and even funerals. They all present challenges during the pandemic. We want to be there for each other in good times and bad while still complying with the appropriate social distancing and safety measures that are working to flatten the curve. Everyone wants to know when things will be back to normal, but “normal” isn’t going to be the old way of doing things. Audio-Video Group can help you prepare for…

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You Can Bring Virtual Visitation to Senior Centers, Hospice

Senior citizens in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice centers are at high risk for contracting COVID-19, and thus many of them have not been able to have direct contact with their loved ones for a month or more. For people who might already feel disconnected from their life and afraid of what the pandemic will mean for them and their loved ones, waving at their friends and family through the window doesn’t fulfill the social connection they need.  AVG wants to help senior living centers and hospices implement virtual visitations. Our clients, like the Hospice of Washington County,…

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