3 Ways to Create an Effective Retail Experience

These days, multimedia is taking over the retail shopping experience.  In a world that bombards customers with advertising messages from morning till night, it’s increasingly important to create a shopping experience that your customers will notice and enjoy.  Of course, even if you’re using the latest in-store marketing techniques, you want to make sure that your efforts are creating value without breaking the bank.  At Audio-Video Group, we’ve identified three components that you need to excel in if you want to create an effective (and profitable) retail AV experience.

1. In-Store Music

This is one of the first steps towards creating your brand experience.  A study by Milliman found that playing slow music in the background of supermarkets increased time spent in-store by 34%.  Your music choice should be aligned with the customers’ perception of your brand.  Be mindful of your shuffle settings, every song should be selected with your typical customer in mind.

Additionally, make sure that your audio systems are designed and installed to provide equal sound coverage over your whole store.  You don’t want to blast tunes at the register only to have them fade in the back aisles.  A good in-store music set-up will put your customers in the right mood.


2. Digital Menus

There’s a reason that digital menus are appearing in more establishments than ever before: they’re effective at getting your message across, and they are more flexible than traditional menus.  With today’s technologies, it is easy to control which menu items you want to feature, and edit according to time, availability, and changes in price.  Thanks to that flexibility, they can also save you money on printing costs.

New technology in LCD displays allows for a much longer screen life than before, and with a few clicks, content can be easily managed.  But your screen display will only be as effective as the content you display on it. That said, everything you display should be thought out, from the colors and images to the wording you use to display your message. Are they inline with your brand? Are you using words that resonate with your customers? What colors are you using and how are they being perceived? All of these are great questions to ask yourself before displaying your content and can ensure that your digital menu leaves your customers salivating.


3. Digital Signage

Digital signage, while similar to digital menus, differs in the fact that it is more focused on advertising, and is dispersed across store windows and the floor instead of only being present at the point of sale.


A study by Intel found that patrons are more likely to notice captivating digital signage and engage with the advertisement for a longer period of time in comparison to comparable traditional signs.

To be successful, digital signage, as well as traditional signage, needs to be placed where your customers will notice it.  You could use it to highlight a seasonal product or a special promotion.  And, as always, make sure that you pay attention to content, because if you don’t, your customers won’t pay attention to your message.


If you want to get more bang for your buck and create a truly enjoyable multimedia retail experience for your customers, Audio-Video Group is here to help.   Call Audio-Video Group today at 301.668.4448 or contact us on our website, www.audiovideogroup.com for more information.

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