5 Biggest Mistakes We See in Easter Services

The challenge at every Easter service is to plug the twice-a-year visitors into your faithful flock through a meaningful presentation and sense of community. Audio-Video Group knows that even the most thoughtfully prepared messages can be lost in translation without a perfect presentation. The effective delivery that you’re looking for can be achieved with a presentation utilizing the most up-to-date technology. Keep in mind these five common mistakes to ensure that you maximize communication at your service.

1. Not taking the needed time for pre-planning the service.

Communication and organization is the key in the success of any event. A great service begins with a carefully selected message and worship, but is also dependent on the effective delivery of that message. Audio-Video Group recommends general planning start about two-months prior to Easter to ensure a flawless presentation. The best way to start planning for what technology you will require is to envision the space packed with attendees. How will they grasp your message? Audio-Video Group’s team of professionals can recommend equipment to ensure your message is seen and heard from all spots in your unique space.

2. Relying on failing technology.

Never count on equipment that has failed before and always have a backup plan ready. The last thing you want is your service to be derailed by “technical difficulties.” A quality A/V system is a worthy investment and will save you loads of stress. Audio-Video Group can offer advice, solutions and tech support to best meet your congregation’s needs.

3. Planning a production that is larger than your system can handle.

The idea is simple; if you know that you only have four microphones it will be a real challenge if your plan calls for 16 actors. It is best to make sure your system is capable of handling all of your actors and avoid the sloppiness of swapping microphones and inevitable long pauses. If you know that you will be in need of more equipment then you may consider renting additional equipment.

4. Placing new or untrained volunteers in charge of technology.

It’s ok to rely on volunteers but make sure that they are trained! They should know exactly how to work your current sound and video systems as well as the steps to take if something goes wrong. If you find yourself short staffed, or if you aren’t entirely confident with being able to run a successful service then consider taking the time to receive some basic training or look to bring on an experienced team member for the weekend.

5. Waiting until the last minute.

Well before the Easter weekend, it is vital to test your system and replace or update old technology if necessary. The last thing you want is have half of your volunteers running around looking for microphones or searching for loose connections in the middle of your service. If you suspect that your technology may be outdated Audio-Video Group professionals can evaluate your current system and offer newer technology options. If you find a piece of equipment to be an issue, Audio-Video Group rents equipment by the day, weekend, week, or longer, with the option of our experts running the system during your services.

For more information on audio and video equipment best for you, contact Audio-Video Group today. Let us help ensure your message connects with those in your community during the holiday season. Visit www.audiovideogroup.com, or call (800) 668-4988 to speak with one of our specialists.

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