5 Creative Ways to Use Your Video Wall

Video walls are today’s hot marketing tool. You may have heard that content marketing is a top way to tell your brand’s story, but have you considered incorporating video with the purchase of a video wall?

If you are stuck with a vision of an ad for your product or service on a continuous loop in your lobby or retail location, this blog outlines five creative new ways to use your video wall. We provide innovative ideas and tips for launching the concept.

#1 Behind the Scenes Videos

If you have visited Ben & Jerry’s, Anheuser Busch, or Maker’s Mark, you know that part of the customer experience is the behind-the-scenes tour. A glimpse behind the brand is a great way to tell your story. But creating a live tour is not only expensive; it is challenging to adhere to COVID-19 mandates.

How is your product made? How about a ride-along with your service team? Imagine a vacation rental company crafting a video that showcases properties and fun activities in the region.  You don’t have to be a retailer or a service provider to have a behind-the-scenes story. Everyone does, including schools, churches, and civic organizations.

If you want to captivate visitors’ attention to your location, create a behind-the-scenes video. Show a taste of your organization not often seen by customers.

#2 Question and Answer Videos

Marcus Sheridan’s book, They Ask, You Answer, outlines our following creative way to use your video wall.

Don’t avoid answering customer questions—even the tough ones. A video wall is a perfect medium to provide answers. Consider a Q&A with your sales staff or business leaders on video.

The first step is to scour your social media and question your team. What are the top questions asked by customers? Use your video wall to answer those questions.

#3 Team Showcase Video

Your team is a big part of your brand image. So, it is an easy decision to hat tip your team on your video wall. Here are just a few ways to acknowledge the hard work of your employees:

  • Showcase the employee of the month
  • Create a “day in the life” video of each team
  • Interview team leaders
  • Celebrate work anniversaries, and goals met

Your customers or members become invested in your organization when they get to know your employees. Use your video wall to introduce your team and tell their story.

#4 Community Support Videos

In marketing your product or service, use your video wall to showcase current charity and neighborhood support events. Tell your customers about Giving Tuesday, share the latest date for Walk for Alzheimer’s in your community, Toys for Tots, or any local event.

Another idea is to showcase your business partners and organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce. Or share the beauty of your town.

Contact local associations, charities, and business organizations to seek current calendars of events, or visit your community’s website. Become involved and tie your social media to your video wall.

#5 Brand Fan Celebration Videos

A creative way to involve your brand fans is a photo contest. And a video wall is the perfect way to showcase those fan photos.

National brand REI launched a fan photo contest that is now an annual tradition. This outdoor gear retail chain is closed on Black Friday. Instead of super sales, the retailer encourages customers to go outside and post adventure photos with their social media tag. Photos are shared on social media and in their retail stores.

You do not have to be a national retailer to create a photo contest. Anyone with a product or service can use a photo contest to engage with local customers. And you do not have to be a photographer to host a brand photo contest. Find tips to host a contest here easily.

Ask Audio Video Group

We have provided some creative ways to use a video wall. You may be wondering how to incorporate a video wall in your retail site, at your church, school, medical center, or organization. Our professional staff can answer your questions and visit your site.

There are creative ways to use your new video wall—and creative ways to include the wall in your environment. Ask us how.

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