5 Myths of Digital Consoles

You’ve heard the hype, now know the truth. A digital console is the future of live audio mixing. Here at Audio-Video Group we want to help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to digital consoles.

Myth #1. Digital consoles are too expensive

In the big picture digital consoles are not more expensive. Entry-level consoles can be purchased for under one thousand dollars, and be controlled from an iPad! The truth is there is less hardware to setup, so your cost becomes dramatically less when you start to factor in all the other hardware you need in addition to an analog console for effects, compression, etc. Most digital consoles include effects so you save money on those items as well.

Myth# 2. They are difficult to learn

Digital consoles are designed to make the transition easy from analog to digital. The user interface has been streamlined to make the controls more intuitive but they still keep the same visual look as their analog predecessor. Additionally,  the size has been condensed since the internal hardware is not necessary any more. You get more functionality in a smaller footprint and with more options to make setup a breeze.

Myth #3. Unreliable

With digital consoles, we have the best of both worlds to make it feel like the old, but with new technology.  The reliability has been tested over time, and frankly it’s not a new technology any more. Digital consoles have been around for years, and we are entering into a phase when the reliability has never been better.

Myth #4. Poor Sound Quality

Digital consoles might bring thoughts of iPods and poor audio quality to mind, but it’s a misplaced thought.  The truth is that digital consoles have a very high quality audio sample rate and the output is a consistent, clean sound. You get high quality signals with tuning features that give you more control over your sound. This alone makes many digital consoles outperform the old solution almost instantly.

Myth # 5. Beyond Our Needs

The truth is a digital console is where you should start. A digital console can help you create a base in which you can expand your audio systems with more control and less cost. And, the fact of the matter is, in the past years, we have never started a new installation with an analog console. No matter the size of project, a digital console is most likely the right choice when quality, cost and performance are measured.

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