5 Scary AV Installation Mistakes

When installing audio and video equipment, it’s important to make sure that your set up is safe and not scary. At Audio-Video Group, we admire the enthusiasm that people show in wanting to get their systems working as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure that your systems are functioning optimally. When it comes to scary AV installs, we’ve seen it all. Here are five scary issues to avoid, so that you can make sure your systems are working soundly and safely.


1. Dangerous Methods and Materials

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Dangerous methods and materials are the common components of scary AV installs. When you’re installing something, make sure that you’re using the proper tools, and don’t perform a task alone that should be done by two or more people. Don’t use unsafe materials, either. At Audio-Video Group, we only use rated hardware – hardware that was designed specifically for installing your audio and video equipment. It allows us to install any piece of equipment with the assurance that it won’t fall.


2. Dangerous Electrical Configurations

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One component that can really make audio and video system setup scary is dangerous electrical configurations. All too often, people eager to get their new AV equipment plugged in and powered up don’t go about setting up the electrical components according to correct safety standards. They might have a friend do it, thinking that a few in-home projects are all the qualification necessary to handle complex electrical installations.

As a result, we’ve seen everything from cat 5 cable used for electrical wiring to seriously over loaded electrical breakers that crash under the current from five guitar amps. Don’t put anyone in danger – get electrical configurations set up safely by using expert installation services like those offered by Audio-Video Group.


3. Bad Rack Wiring

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Along the same lines, even if all the cables are plugged into the right places, many people don’t take the time to organize their wiring. When you have an abundance of long cables connecting many components, things are bound to get tangled up and nasty. Prevent this by having an Audio-Video Group professional straighten things out beforehand, so that if you need to adjust components or swap something out, you aren’t left trying to unravel a gargantuan knot of wires.


4. Being a DIYer When You Probably Shouldn’t Do It Yourself


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DIYer: a person who loves to complete their own projects using nothing but the power of Google, their own two hands, and, once in a while, a manual.

Often, DIYer’s are resourceful and creative, and they love putting those attributes to use to get things done. Sometimes, though, resourcefulness and creativity can backfire. A DIYer might install $50,000 worth of AV equipment on a questionable rack and shelf system that they’ve created out of 3-inch sheets of plywood, only to find out that the shelves weren’t quite as sturdy as they’d thought. Be warned: the feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing something yourself can come crashing down as quickly as flimsy shelves.

If you’re a DIYer, make sure that you’re doing it right. Professional installation can prevent a lot of problems that you wouldn’t be able to foresee by yourself.


5. Just Wrong


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Sometimes, AV setups simply elicit a response of “that’s just wrong.” From a projector being incorrectly sized for a huge screen to a lighting set up that casts strange shadows onstage, we’ve seen plenty of setups that are “just wrong”. It can be funny to see these mistakes, but instead of leaving things “just wrong”, we’d rather help you get things just right.

We appreciate the eagerness and resourcefulness that people show when attempting to get their systems up and running, but we also want to make sure that everything is running correctly. Remember, your systems are an investment, and to get the best performance from them, proper installation and set up is key.

If you want to avoid scary installation or make sure your current equipment is properly installed, call Audio-Video Group today. Contact us online or at 301.668.4448, and we’ll make sure your systems are just right.

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