5 Scary Installation Issues You Must Avoid

When it comes to installing audio and video systems, many people will go to great lengths to speed up the installation process. They’ll bypass safety measures, purchase inexpensive hardware, or they’ll draw up a creative solution for connecting various components that weren’t suppose to go together to begin with.

While we do applaud everyone’s creativity and eagerness to get their new audio and video equipment up and running, we want to make sure you do so in a way that is not only safe, but will provide you with the best quality. That said, we have put together a list of 5 Scary Issues to avoid and ways to avoid them.


Scary Issue #1: Unsafe Install Methods


Scary Issue #1: Unsafe Install Methods. Photo courtesy of Thereifixedit.com

Scary Issue #1: Unsafe Install Methods. Photo courtesy of Thereifixedit.com

Almost all of us are guilty of climbing up a wobbly ladder, not using the proper tools, or trying to complete a job that may require more than one person. Whether you are aware of it or not, the above actions significantly increase your risk of being injured or ruining your new equipment. That’s why the team here at Audio-Video Group wants to encourage anyone climbing up a ladder or installing their new equipment to take a few extra moments to make sure you’re moving forward as safely as possible. And if you have any questions you shouldn’t hesitate to give us a call, as everyone on our team goes through OSHA Safety Training. We’d be happy to answer any questions or come by to help with the installation.


Scary Issue #2: Unsafe Install Materials

Taking the proper safety precautions is crucial, but what’s equally important is making sure you’re using the right materials when installing your new audio and video equipment.  Using rope to hang speakers, or drywall screws when hanging up your new monitor may be an inexpensive solution in the short-term, but their durability is unpredictable. That’s why we only use rated hardware, or hardware that was design specifically for installing your audio and video equipment. It allows us to install any piece of equipment with the assurance that it won’t fall.


Scary Issue #3: Nasty Rack Wiring


Scary Issue #3: Nasty Rack Wiring. Photo Courtesy of John Sciacca.

Scary Issue #3: Nasty Rack Wiring. Photo Courtesy of John Sciacca.

Take a second and look behind your TV – how does the wiring look? Is everything tangled? That’s nasty rack wiring and over 50% of us setup residential equipment without paying attention to the organization of the wiring. Now imagine, setting up audio and video equipment in a commercial space, with multiple monitors and speakers, all connected with rather lengthy cords. By putting the resources upfront to prevent nasty rack wiring and having an Audio-Video Group professional organize your wiring can save you a world of trouble and money down the road.


Scary Issue #4: Adapter Central


Scary Issue #4: Adapter Central.

Scary Issue #4: Adapter Central.

We’d all agree that resourcefulness and creativity are great traits to have and the team here at Audio-Video Group agrees; well 99% of the time. That other 1% comes about when people try to create adapter ingenuity and use multiple adapters to replace the correct cable they actually need. We have seen it all, the worst being a 4 piece creation that consisted of a USB to HDMI, HDMI to DVI, DVI to VGA and VGA to their monitor. Now, we do applaud the resourcefulness and perseverance, but unfortunately you can’t transfer HDMI to non-digital DVI. So next time you’re hooking up a new monitor, remember that less is more!


Scary Issue #5: It’s Just Wrong

This might be our favorite scary issue and often times it can go unnoticed until someone walks in and says, “That’s just wrong.” We’ve seen it all – from speakers angled in every which direction to tiny personal projectors being used for large rooms. Now this is not to say we have to install everything for you, we understand that some people enjoy these projects, but we do want to encourage you to reach out with any questions.


It’s important to keep in mind that your audio and video equipment is an investment. It enhances the experience you provide your community and we want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get the most out of your equipment. So, before installing your new equipment yourself or before hiring someone to do so, make sure you do your research and check your references if needed.

If you’re considering installing new equipment, or just want to make sure your current equipment is installed properly, call Audio-Video Group today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or provide assistance.  Contact us at 301.668.4448 or contact us on our website, www.audiovideogroup.com for more information.


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