A Church’s Audio-Video Equipment Upgrade – Christ Crossman United Methodist

Christ Crossman United Methodist Church, located in Falls Church, Virginia, needed to upgrade their church’s audio-video equipment just as the COVID-19 pandemic was hitting. Audio-Video Group was pleased to be able to help them safely and effectively achieve their goals. CCUMC is a growing and diverse faith-based community that prides itself on its inclusivity. 

Streaming Worship Service

Since the pandemic began, CCUMC has been streaming its services online every Sunday at 10 am. They decided it was the right moment because they put a pause on in-person worship services and had already budgeted capital funds for an upgrade. They had no cameras, no way to stream or record services, and an antiquated audio system. The church leadership decided it was time to go all-in with their church’s audio-video equipment. Their upgrade included video, audio, and lighting.

The church had a sound system that hadn’t been upgraded since its inception in 1997. “Their system wasn’t cutting it for the more contemporary services,” explained Audio-Video Group’s Director of Sales John Pierce, CTS. “When the need for streaming worship quickly grew because of COVID, Audio-Video Group deployed multiple PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras to give them flexibility. The cameras then connect to a joystick controller that allows users to control the camera’s operation manually. The camera’s video output also connects to a broadcast-quality switcher to go between sources, like cameras and presentation software. And the switcher connects to their streaming platform of choice.”  

Worship During COVID-19

Excellent sound and video make all the difference to churches operating during the COVID-19 pandemic and in this time of streaming and recording. The new system at CCUMC is simple, easy to use, features excellent audio, and makes getting their services online straightforward.

“All A/V systems require careful thought, planning, and implementations. Especially when they’re volunteer-run,” Pierce said. “For Christ Crossman, they got a sizeable technological upgrade to their church’s audio-video equipment. Our goal, especially in houses of worship, is to design a user-friendly system. We also provide training and guidance so that the worship team can focus on online services’ top five considerations. We made it easy for people to get online to see the services. A priority is to make sure people can hear and see everything happening. You want to engage in the worship service. And clear sight and sound are one of the tools to accomplish that.” 

Protecting Your A/V Investment

Christ Crossman is a member of the Audio-Video Group’s System Preservation Program (SPP), which ensures they will always get the help they need when they need it. The SPP provides proactive maintenance visits and on-call tech support. “It’s a resource at your fingertips to make sure your system is optimized, and if not, we will help fix it, and it ensures your venue is at the top of line,” said Pierce.

We look forward to seeing how the new A/V system at Christ Crossman helps them achieve their goals of growing their diverse, multi-generational congregation and inspiring service and outreach in their community.

If you’re considering an upgrade to your church’s audio-video equipment, we are here for you.

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