A New Year Resolution: Maintain Your Audio-Video Equipment

A New Year Resolution: Maintain Your Audio Video Equipment

We have all had the nightmare. Thirty minutes before a live-stream presentation, you realize a problem with your audio-video system. At that moment, you think of the importance of an audio-video maintenance plan; our audio video specialists could’ve aided in averting an issue such as this.

“Hosting a live event can be a stressful experience as it is! Add a virtual audience and virtual presenters to the mix, and you’re effectively planning three or more simultaneous live event experiences.”  Live Wire Now

Instead of living in that nightmare moment, make audio-video maintenance part of your business’s new year resolution.

Create an AV Maintenance Plan for Your Organization with our audio visual specialists

Your audio-video solution is unique to your organization, and your maintenance plan should fit the solution. We are the audio video specialists that can help you and your business with all its AV needs.  Here are five of our top tips to create an AV maintenance plan from the Audio-Video Group team…

Catalog Your AV Gear

The first step to an effective AV maintenance plan is to have a current list of AV gear within your organization. You can only maintain what you know that you have.

As you refresh your list, be sure also to log the purchase date and estimate the lifespan of the gear. This exercise may show some red flag issues that should be quickly addressed our audio video specialists are equipped and have the knowledge base to assist with any of these red flags.

Check the Working Status of All AV Gear

It is time to poll your staff. What works and what has left the company in a nightmare situation. Even the best AV equipment can break, especially if not properly maintained.

Poll those who use the gear, and you may find that some of your equipment should be phased out of your plan and replaced with new solutions.

Set an AV Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining AV equipment is an ongoing process, not a once-a-year occurrence. Create a maintenance plan that includes a calendar.

Consider who is responsible for each task. Remember, an ongoing maintenance plan extends the life of your equipment. Whether you are handling your maintenance in-house or outsourcing to a team like Audi-Video Group, there needs to be accountability.

It should be clear who is in charge and it’s their job to report on the status of all your AV equipment.

Set an Audio Video Emergency Plan

It is the day before your big virtual conference; who do you call when there is a problem?

Will you make an emergency call to an in-house professional or Audio-Video Group? It is essential to have a documented emergency plan.

The last thing you need is your boss breathing down your neck while you’re trying to get your equipment to work. Whether you’re dealing with an audience of 1 or 1 million, the pressure is real. Plan for everything and your life will be much easier.

Coordinate Your AV Maintenance Plan with Your AV Department

Today, an AV solution may tie to your IT department. If you are storing content in the cloud or your AV is networked, it is also time to review networked hardware, software, and even your cloud subscription.

When AV Training Saves the Day

Training should always be part of your AV maintenance plan. As you can probably imagine, some nightmare scenarios point to user error.

In the past two years, branding, the customer experience, and events have become either all-virtual or hybrid. The day before a virtual or hybrid event is not the time to learn your company’s AV systems. Read our recent post about hosting a virtual event and learn our tips.

Training should be a key component of your maintenance plan. It not only extends the life of your equipment but it ensures a professional, branded experience for your clients, students, or congregation. Who will train your team?

Ask an Audio Video Professional

As you work through the above five steps, you may realize that your business AV solution is a company asset. You may also recognize that maintaining a solution is complex.

Troubleshooting, maintaining, and replacing AV equipment is an art that may need an expert. Of course, we suggest that a professional audio-video team maintain your organization’s AV solution.

This year, ask Audio-Video Group about our System Preservation Program. From basic cleaning and tuning to advanced service and regular adjustment, our maintenance agreements offer the convenience of scheduled preventative maintenance and the security of on-call support from AVG for unexpected problems.

PS: What about Leasing Audio or Video Equipment?

After reading this blog, you may now be considering an AV lease solution to fit your needs. Leasing equipment on an ongoing basis or for events may be also cover your annual maintenance plan. Check out our leasing calculator to see what a system would cost you monthly.

Need a quote, call us 800-668-4988 and we’ll things started for you.

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