Audio-Video Design Process + What Makes Us Different?

The audio-video design process is something you should take into consideration when looking for an A/V integrator. At Audio-Video Group, our goal is always to help you share your voice and vision with your audience. Over the past 20 years, we have been lucky to have so much support from our wonderful, loyal clients who have helped us build and grow as a company and as part of the community. We’re proud to have become the team we are. We’d like to share the top three reasons we’re different from other audio-video companies.

A Complete Audio-Video Design Process Saves You Time (& Money)

Installing and integrating quality audio-video systems is not an inexpensive process. But over our two decades in business, we’ve realized that many churches, schools, and companies will install three A/V systems before they get the one they want. That process usually takes 10-12 years and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those resources are better spent elsewhere.

We can prevent this enormous headache by ensuring we get it right for you the first time. Our team can come in at the design phase, work with you to create an appropriate budget for what you want, and plan proactively for future evolutions you might make. Thinking ahead will save you a significant amount of money.

Furthermore, working with decision-makers is key to our audio-video design process. Whether it’s the C suite or senior pastors, we work hands-on to put together a design that considers budgeting, tech, how you’re going to use it, how you want it to feel to your employees or audience.

You Get Peace of Mind

Along with this hands-on process of working with decision-makers comes peace of mind. You will know exactly what you are getting. Our installation process is significant, and it results in an accurate appraisal and installation that is much more likely to go according to plan. We start with a site survey, create a unique design for you, and install your system with precision.

Keeping the decision-makers involved in the process means that the design and intent of the system is never lost in translation. This helps everyone involved avoid significant problems. We all get value from ensuring everyone involved is on the same page with the form, function, and feel you want from your A/V system.

The value of working with Audio-Video Group is clear in the process. Imagine you’re hiring a painter to paint your house. And you have a quote from a painter to paint six rooms for $10,000. That might sound like a lot to you. So you find someone else who doesn’t come to your house, doesn’t look at the room, take measurements, or colors. The bid from the second painter isn’t likely to be accurate. Plus you might not get anything like what you had in mind.

With Audio-Video Group, you get a personalized, specific proposal and installation process. We have conversations taking your needs into primary account and tailoring them to the situation. We want to understand what you’re looking for, from soup to nuts, so we can be as accurate as possible and deliver exactly what you want.

A/V systems are technically competent, and not everyone wants to become a tech expert just to run their boardroom. With us, you’ll know that you can walk into a room and have everything work with the touch of a button. Plus, we’ll ensure that everyone who needs to know how to use your new system is comfortable with using it.

We Bring a Whole Team

Finally, because we have a well-developed team, we have many experts and hands-on-deck at all times. This helps in a few ways, from scheduling to procurement to quality. Hiring a company like ours with a project manager and director of operations means we manage down to the finest detail. Our team members all have specific roles. This creates an entire team supporting a smooth, efficient, well-managed process. This level of service is a differentiator we’re very proud of.

Whatever your specific needs are, Audio-Video Group can work with you to create a system that will serve you well for years to come. So get in touch to get the conversation started and experience our top-quality work for yourself.

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