Frederick Health: Upgrading for the Future

Frederick Health is dedicated to upgrading for the future. Audio-Video Group is proud to work with strategic partner Frederick Health. When they needed to upgrade two conference rooms and two training rooms in their main hospital facility, they turned to Audio-Video Group first.

The IT department at Frederick Health is key to the hospital’s function on a day-to-day level, and so ensuring they have what they need to work well is key. The conference rooms on the lower level that houses IT are also used for team meetings, administrative discussions, strategic and budget sessions, and more. 

“The wide range of users meant we had to ensure the tech was simple to use,” said Audio-Video Group team member John Pierce. Over the two-week installation process, Audio-Video Group removed some of the old projectors and screens and installed a Clear Touch interactive display. These 65” TVs are touch screens with integrated computers. They connected ClearOne Unite 50 USB cameras that sits on top of the TV and can be used with any of the conferencing software, like Zoom. They finished off this installation with a soundbar under the TV in each conference room, and the new rooms are ready for anything the hospital might need.

“It’s simple. Anyone who wants to use it just turns the TV on, and they pick the program they want to use. The Clear Touch panels have whiteboarding built into them so the users can annotate over videos or presentations, and then take a screenshot and send it to their participants,” John explained. 

Frederick Health also upgraded two training rooms during this project. IT staff and nurses use the training rooms to onboard new employees, learn new systems, and keep up to date on certifications. “We upgraded rooms that hadn’t been touched in 15 years,” John said.

The original design had trainees following the curriculum on a screen. Audio-Video Group updated to HDMI and put in two 90” bright 4k high-resolution wall panels. “We also included a simple control system with a small touch panel,” John explained. “Users can route systems–the computer, blu ray player, etc–through the touch panel. And it’s all connected to the sound system.”

The upgrades in equipment have been going over very well with the employees at Frederick Health. “People feel better when things are newer and the tech is easy and intuitive–people want to be in a space where things work,” John emphasized.

Audio-Video Group is proud to be supporting Frederick Health through COVID-19 and beyond and would like to take this opportunity to thank Frederick Health and their healthcare heroes for all of their incredible work.

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