Audio-Video Group (AVG) is more than Average

Average: It is what you expect. There are no surprises. Average is easy, it is simple, it is boring. Average is forgettable.

At Audio-Video Group, we are more than average. After all, with a staff that has decades of experience, if you’re not surpassing expectations, maybe it’s time you do something else. We don’t do anything else. We don’t generalize; we specialize in the sales of audio, video, and control systems for corporate, educational, and house of worship spaces. And we have a lengthy list of enthusiastic clients to prove it. However big or small the area you’re looking to fill with the most up-to-date technology, our industry-leading expert staff can offer recommendations for your needs, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear and in perfect focus, as we have been since 2000.

Whether you’re looking for the basics, like a simple video projection display, or the most cutting-edge, top-of-the-line, fully integrated system, including full HD Broadcast quality, our team of specialists can help guide and advise you on the products available to turn your vision into reality with one-stop ease for you. From sales to installation, training on your new products, and service, we’ll guide you from start to finish. Didn’t get it from us? Our expertise extends through the parts and know-how to keep your systems up and running, whether they were purchased and installed by us or not. We also specialize in video conferencing and conference room video training, ensuring that you can connect with your audience no matter the distance.

But we’re not just exclusive to new products. We know from our years of experience that for some events you just need a little more. For that we offer many of our products for rental. By the day, weekend, or week, with optional delivery, setup, and operation, you’ll find a versatile selection of products to fulfill your special event needs, along with the expertise to make sure they’re functioning perfectly when you need it most. With products as basic as a simple wireless microphone to a complete sound reinforcement system, we pride ourselves on making your event work like a dream. We also offer video projection equipment with front or rear projection screens.

At Audio-Video Group, we’re not just products, we’re the whole solution for audio and video in your unique space. AVG is fully licensed and our team members carry credentials specific to our areas of operation. With a territory extending from Central Pennsylvania to Southern Virginia, we hope you’ll reach out and speak with us on how our experts can help solve your unique technology needs. For more information, or for examples of the varied and satisfied clients we’ve worked with, visit, or call (800) 668-4988 today to speak with one of our specialists.

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