Audio-Video Group Helps Church of the Redeemer Share Their Message

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for all kinds of institutions, who want to keep serving their constituents and keep everyone healthy at the same time. For the Church of the Redeemer in Maryland, this means finding ways to get their message out to their congregants without exposing them to the pandemic.

Church of the Redeemer Partners with Audio-Video Group

Audio-Video Group and Church of the Redeemer have worked on other projects together for the past year, so when Justin McAuliff, Director of Production and Operations at Redeemer, wanted to upgrade their technology, and he knew whom to call first.

These large and complex projects spanned several Redeemer campuses. Redeemer has five brick and mortar churches that together see about 7,000 congregants over a weekend and a digital campus that serves another 10,000-15,000. Audio-Video Group installed LED walls at several campuses, re-wired their technology infrastructure for video and lighting production, and hardware and lighting solutions–the full spectrum of audio-visual capabilities. 

“Audio-Video Group helped me broaden my perspective and understand the available options,” he said. “We worked with John Pierce on the project, and he took a proactive stance to help us meet our short and long term goals. We outlined our objectives, and Audio-Video Group helped us achieve them.”

The new LED screens are a big upgrade from the old projector setup Redeemer had been using at all of its campuses. “It’s a much better user experience and an upgrade aesthetically,” Justin explained.

“Audio-Video Group hit a home run with the level of professionalism and execution of the installation,” he said. “They care about the process, and how you’re feeling about it. Over a year and 20+ projects with them, I can see how they seek to grow and develop in the way they work with us.”

Their new technology is useful for both produced and live online production. “We have had nothing but great feedback from everyone about our upgrades,” Justin said. “We’re extremely pleased with the products and the service we got, and are looking forward to continuing to build on our custom system. We have only begun to scratch the surface of what our new technology can do.”

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