Bringing The Team Together

In today’s global business the daily operations demand the need for collaboration with team members more than ever.  Business is moving fast and the stakes are high.  Add in telecommuting policies, the challenge of “How do we bring the team together” is compounded.  For years the industry has been working toward the perfect solution, but until recently it has not been fully solved.  Luckily, technology has now fully addressed this problem, and it is now possible to combine traditional in-person meetings with video and web conferencing.

Video Conferencing – Step 1

There’s still great value in meeting in-person in the same room.  No doubt it is best to sit across the table and hash out a solution to whatever the problem may be.  However, this can be quite costly.  Flying across the country or even the world for a two hour meeting just doesn’t make sense.  The first step to addressing the travel issue is video conferencing.  Video conferencing in the traditional sense allows two or more meeting rooms to be joined together through the use of proprietary video cameras and audio systems.  These systems have come a long way from the early days and now can be deployed in fully immersive environments which make it virtually like your right across the table.  However, traditional video conferencing equipment is typically costly and complex.


Web Conferencing – Step 2

Web conferencing, the second step, has done a great job addressing the challenges of cost and complexity.  Now, with web conferencing, you can use nearly any laptop or mobile device to participate in a meeting to collaborate with your team.  As long as everybody has a good internet connection a meeting can take place all across the world.  The challenge with web conferencing is that it is difficult to setup in larger meeting rooms with multiple people. It’s uncomfortable and impractical to crowd around a single laptop.

LifeSize Cloud – Problem Solved

Finally, LifeSize has completely solved the problem with their Cloud solution.  The LifeSize Cloud solution easily brings the team together by joining both large meeting rooms with traditional video conferencing systems and laptops or mobile devices into a single high quality meeting.  This brings the best of all three scenarios together.  They have even added another layer to the experience.  Perhaps one of your teammates is traveling and can’t sit behind a laptop; they can simply call in using their cell phone.  The LifeSize Cloud solution has taken the meeting experience to a whole new level with additional features.  For example; inviting quests, scheduling meetings, and sharing documentation.  This solution is available for small organizations of 10 members all the way up to organizations with 1000’s of members.  LifeSize Cloud is truly a problem solver.

The LifeSize Cloud solution is so easy you can sign up for a two week trial today and see for yourself.   For more information, or questions, visit, or call (800) 668-4988 today to speak with one of our specialists.








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