Case Study: CenturyLink Conference Rooms

Earlier this year, CenturyLink decided that it was time to upgrade their AV systems in the three executive conference rooms at their facility in Arlington, VA.

As a leading provider of Internet and television, CenturyLink works hard to make its services less complicated for its clients, so they wanted the same simplicity and ease of use to be incorporated into their AV system. That’s where Audio-Video Group came in.

With simplicity in mind and high-quality AV components at hand, AVG worked with CenturyLink to design and install a tailored solution that brought all three conference rooms together under a single system. The result is an AV system that facilitates an ideal experience for all of CenturyLink’s conferencing needs.

Audio Components


For audio purposes, AVG was proud to install both Shure and Earthworks microphones. In Executive Conference Room 2D, pictured above, EarthWorks mics were installed at every table position, allowing seamless conferencing capabilities. The colored lights at the base of the mics become red or green based upon whether the system is muted or open, respectively.

Visual Components


For visual display purposes, AVG used a Digital Projection HighLite 740 12K projector in the main rack room with a rear projection system. In room 2D, AVG used an E-Vision WUXGA 7500, a front projector. The third room contains a 60” Sharp TV display. Vaddio PTZ cameras are used to facilitate town hall-style events that require the use of multiple rooms to handle audience overflow.

System Control


The driving factor behind the entire system is the AMX control. With one large master controller in the main equipment rack for in-house AV techs and two smaller touch panels for average users, this control gives each user the ability to route audio or video to whatever destination they choose. It also makes ATC calls simple.

The whole system is tied together by a Biamp Tesire Forte system that provides audio support for everything, including digital video.

The Final Result

In the end, CenturyLink’s new system allows them to do everything they need and more.  From conferences, to presentations, to displaying live television, the AV system is equipped to provide a seamless experience. AVG plans to add video teleconferencing capabilities by the end of this year.

Do you want to upgrade your meeting room’s AV capabilities? Then get in touch with Audio-Video Group today at 301.668.4448 or online. We’ll work with you to design and install a solution that will leave you satisfied.

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