Christ Reformed Church – Case Study

Middletown Christ Reformed Church came to Audio-Video Group with a unique challenge; their historic sanctuary suffered from a fire and severe smoke damage.   Although their insurance was covering the majority of the costs associated with the restoration, they needed to be good stewards and manage a tight budget.  The challenge Audio-Video Group is constantly faced with is how do we provide the best possible solution on a tight budget.  Audio-Video Group believes that a new or upgraded system is a very important investment that needs to be well designed and clearly express its value in quality.  Audio-Video Group was up to the task and delivered as promised.

First, Audio-Video Group performed an extensive evaluation of the existing equipment, cabling and overall functionality.  We then determined what existing equipment could be re-used in the new design without compromising the quality of the final product.  Audio-Video Group then started the design phase. The design needed to be very functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Their concern was simple, “We can’t have the speakers being a distraction”. The other challenge that was presented was the system needed to be easy to operate (hands free) during traditional services, and still offer an advanced mode for contemporary services with the band.

Utilizing a micro line array, Audio-Video Group was able to provide even audio coverage on the main floor sanctuary seating as well as the balcony seating.  A few under-balcony speakers were needed to cover some small sections of the seating that were blocked by the balcony itself.  Audio-Video Group was able to utilize the previous speaker enclosure for the sub woofer.  This worked perfectly as it provided the ideal location for the subwoofer while maintaining the aesthetic requirements – keeping the sub woofer out of sight.  The subwoofer ultimately was located in a sealed box in the attic with a perforated grill allowing the sound to travel into the sanctuary.

20140214-SJB_0238-EditThe audio system was designed and implemented as a ‘hybrid system’.  When the system turns on it defaults to an “automatic mode”.  In the automatic mode, all of the necessary microphones are active and running through an automatic mixer and level control.  The auto mixer controls how many and which microphones are active at one time.  The automatic level control allows the sound to come through the system at a consistent level reducing the need for constant volume adjustments.  Then with the simple flick of a switch the system can enter the manual mode.  The manual mode introduces the soundboard into the system.  This allows the sound technician to “mix” the sound for the band.  The reality is that when mixing sound for a live band it requires an active technician tailoring the sound for optimal performance.

From beginning to end, the project was a success.  Audio-Video Group was able to work with Middletown Christ Reformed Church through a difficult time, and saving them money by reutilizing some of the existing equipment preserving the aesthetic requirements of the historical sanctuary.  Audio-Video Group provided a high quality sound system that can support both traditional and contemporary service styles.  Here is what Paul Fink, treasurer and lead sound technician for Middletown Christ reformed Church had to say…   “OmniLine speakers are an incredible improvement over the old system. The ability to place them in the active space and aim the sound output directly to the congregation while reducing the bounce effects has made the biggest difference. As to the quality of sound from the speakers, there is no real comparison to the old system. I have occasionally driven them to the limits of my hearing with no sound degradation at all.”  

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