Mount Saint Mary’s University – Case Study

Mount Saint Mary’s University, a longtime client of AVG, was in need of an upgrade in the Laughlin Auditorium for their audio-video system.  The system being upgraded was actually a previous AVG installation from back in 2006.  AVG outfitted Laughlin Auditorium with a system that was quite sophisticated for the time.  The system consisted of a sound system, video projection system, and automated control system.  Beyond its age, one of the biggest factors for the upgrade was the system could not accommodate any digital video signals such as DVI, HDMI or Display Port.  With the analog sunset looming and some minor equipment failures the Mount knew it was time to make the investment.

The solution that AVG provided did not differ much from the original design.  In fact we were able to re-use some of the existing equipment that was still performing well.  The biggest improvements to the system were made to the video system and the control system.  The video system received a new scaler switcher, new projector, and new source devices such as a Blu-Ray player and document camera.  Now, the video system can support digital video signals, HDMI and Display Port, as well as the older analog VGA signals.  So, the system is future and backwards compatible.

The upgrade to the control system made the overall use of the system much easier.  The user interface is nearly a step-through guide on how to use and set the room for the appropriate use.  The control system even automated many functions to lessen the requirements of the faculty’s knowledge of AV and the system.  Some examples of this automation are: when the system starts up the panel will ask you “Do you need to use the projector?”, or if you choose any of the inputs the lights will automatically change to the appropriate, predetermined brightness.

The requirements were simple, but the outcome was great.  Make the system produce high quality presentations while being simple to use and operate.  AVG did just that.  John J. Brewer Jr., Director of Media Services, says “From the first use, the faculty and staff commented on how much better the classroom experience has become now that the AV system is top quality.”

If you are interest to hear more about how Audio-Video Group has helped Mount Saint Mary’s University or interested in a solution to an AV problem you are facing, please contact AVG at or call us at 301.668.4448.



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