Case Study: The Shrine of St. Jude’s Catholic Church, Part 2

In the first part of our case study, we discussed how Audio-Video Group worked with The Shrine of St. Jude Catholic Church in Rockville, MD to upgrade their AV system in phases. The first phase focused on the front end of the system, as AVG worked with a consultant designer to upgrade the church’s electronics and microphones.

This month, we’ll take a look at how AVG was able to upgrade the backend of the system during the second phase. This phase completed the process, giving the church the perfect sound system to fit their unique needs within a budget they could afford.

Upgraded speaker system


Upgrading the church’s speaker system was an important part of optimizing the sound in their unique space, but to maintain the traditional atmosphere of the building the new speakers needed to be unobtrusive. To accomplish this, AVG installed Martin Omniline speakers from four different overhangs. These speakers have a small profile due to the fact that they are tightly packed together in a Micro-line array.

While they complement the space’s aesthetic atmosphere with their subtle design, the speakers are also powerful products that provide even sound coverage throughout the room, eliminating variation and dead spots. From the front of the nave to the back of the room and across its width, the speakers ensure that everyone in the congregation can hear the services with equal clarity.

Upgraded Amplifiers


The second component of this phase was upgrading the system’s amplifiers. AVG selected Lab.gruppen’s E 12 2, the most appropriately sized amplifiers to ensure proper power handling and performance. In addition to being reliable, the E series products are also incredibly energy-efficient, with an ability to reduce current draw during operational cycles and power consumption during non-operational cycles, making them as environmentally friendly as possible. This focus on being “green” also allows these amplifiers to function as a cost-saving mechanism when it comes to consuming electricity.

AVG installed three Lab.gruppen E 12 2 amplifiers, taking up only three total units of rack space and resulting in a solution that provided optimum performance in terms of both sound quality and energy efficiency.

The Result
With phase two of the installation process completed, The Shrine of St. Jude Catholic Church was able to enjoy optimum sound quality and energy efficiency at a price they could afford, all without visually compromising the traditional atmosphere of their space.

Are you interested in upgrading your audio and video capabilities for the New Year, but unsure of where to start? Then get in touch with us at Audio-Video Group. No matter what your budget or needs are, we can work with you to find the perfect AV system. That’s because, at AVG, we know that the perfect AV system solution is a system that perfectly fits the needs of you and your space. Contact us at 301.668.4448 or online to start moving towards your perfect AV system today.

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