Client Success: Hospice of Washington County – Doey’s House

Quality is essential to Hospice of Washington County (HWC), a local not-for-profit that specializes in hospice services, including physical, psychosocial, and spiritual care for both patients and caregivers. The center prides itself on giving support to neighbors who are facing a terminal illness and their families. Part of their facility, lovingly named Doey’s House, includes a multipurpose kitchen and dining room that doubles as a conference room for staff and families. 

The team saw a chance to utilize this room more efficiently and provide an innovative opportunity to connect family members who may not be local to Hagerstown. With the help of Audio-Video Group, they transformed the space to include technological features that will better serve their families, the staff of Hospice of Washington County, and their various needs. 

Choosing the right technology for a facility can be a daunting project, especially when trying to determine what equipment solutions make the most sense in the space. However, the HWC team did know what opportunities they wanted to provide for the staff and the families who use the room. Specifically, they knew they wanted to create an environment where the team could host meetings and other large gatherings or events. While also providing opportunities for families to use the system to make video calls with loved ones. It was also imperative that they have a cross-functional solution that was easy to use and reliable to someone who may not be technically savvy. 

With the vision HWC had in mind, Audio-Video Group designed a custom, integrated A/V solution, sourced, and installed a high-end, user-friendly system that now assists the organization both with their present functions and future opportunities. Because the space also required some construction updates and renovations, Audio-Video Group made sure to offer the project coordination. Given the nature of Doey’s House, HWC needed to ensure a smooth transition during the implementation and integration of its new A/V system. Through HWC’s collaboration with Audio-Video Group, together, they were able to bring their vision to life. 

Hospice of Washington County is now able to use the space for audio and video calls, as well as presentations and general meetings, where interactivity and collaboration is needed. The organization frequently hosts events such as trivia nights, silent auctions, and holiday parties–all of which require the use of the new A/V equipment that Audio-Video Group designed and installed for the space. The technology upgrade also offers HWC the opportunity to have video conferences with their other hospice locations, a unique feature that is already proving to be invaluable for the organization. 

Audio-Video Group recommended a comprehensive system that enables versatility and usability. An interactive control panel supplies the same creative capability that many of Audio-Video Group’s other clients have also been searching for when deciding on a partner for their technological needs. 

Below are some of the key features for the Hospice of Washington County project:

  • ClearTouch Interactive Panels
  • Extron Electronics Video switching and professional control systems
  • ClearOne video/audio teleconferencing

At Audio-Video Group, it is our mission to create unique and innovative audio/video experiences that inspire and ensure clients feel confident with their equipment. By working closely with clients to define the scope of the project, executing site surveys, and detailing custom options, Audio-Video Group supplies clients with stress-free, integrated audio-video system design and installation. 

When it comes to meetings and presentations, do you have an idea for creating a more engaging A/V experience? We’d love to help!

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