Client Success Story: AOPA

AOPA, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, exists to protect and grow the skill and hobby of general aviation. They operate out of offices in Frederick and Washington, D.C., and have more than 100,000 members across 75 countries. Their Frederick headquarters was having issues with previously installed ceiling microphones in one of their meeting spaces, so they approached AVG for an upgrade.

The main issue was that the ceiling microphones weren’t getting enough coverage for every person in the room. Because of the placement and the style of the microphone, some people would be loud and clear, and others were hardly heard at all. We worked with AOPA to find the best type of microphone for their room to provide better voice lift for their audio- and video-conferencing. We installed 25 gooseneck wireless microphones on the desks throughout the room. By putting several microphones on each desk, every person gets equal coverage, which results in better audio quality overall. To make controlling these microphones as easy as possible, we reprogrammed their existing control system, installed all new components, and ended up with a killer new wireless system.

We love projects like these because the client came to us with a (seemingly) simple problem that they had to deal with every day, and we were able come up with a streamlined system with new products that completely solved that problem. Is something about your conference room or facility’s A/V system bothering you? Don’t work around a broken system. Let us help!

AOPA Products:

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