Client Success Story: Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Redeemer is a multicultural and multigenerational church with five campuses in Maryland—Clarksburg, Frederick, Rockville, and two in Gaithersburg. Their large services always include live contemporary worship music, lighting, and video elements. For quite some time, Church of the Redeemer has been looking to upgrade their video display system in their main Worship Center at their main campus in Gaithersburg. This worship space has over 2,000 seats, and our main task was to provide an innovative and cutting-edge video solution that would not only help the congregation engage in the service, but also provide the church with the best technology to help spread the Message. We worked with them to develop a three-phase plan to update their system.

Phase one involved some massive demolition. The stage was framed with an enormous drywall proscenium that housed a large portion of their lighting equipment and three large rear projection screens. In addition to bringing cutting-edge technology to the Worship Center, the church was looking to provide a new and more contemporary feel to their space. To make the room feel larger and provide space for the direct-view LED walls, the massive structure was removed. In total, it took 12 people to remove the proscenium and the equipment behind it, and the church recycled as much of the equipment as possible.

A project of this scale requires great planning. Every single detail, from color matching to ensuring the congregation had the best visual experience, was managed by our team. We also oversaw renovation and technology integration to ensure a seamless installation. To make everything fit properly, AVG rearranged the church’s line arrays to create better site-lines and installed two new LED side screens for IMAG, or image magnification, capabilities. IMAG gives audience members seated far away from the stage the ability to see details of the people on the platform, like facial expressions and body language, that could not be seen with the naked eye.

The showstopper in this project is the 14×40 foot, curved, 4K HDR direct-view LED panel wall close to the platform. AVG partnered with Imagine Screens, a new church-focused direct-view LED wall manufacturer, for their quality products, which produce an incredible image. Imagine Screens focuses on products that are designed to be on camera, which is important for services and events that are livestreamed for the public. AVG integrated the new video system into Church of the Redeemer’s existing video infrastructure and will be working to incorporate their large center wall into the lighting configuration during a later phase. We wrapped up phase one of this project by completely redesigning the church’s lighting equipment and power sources.

We understand that sometimes your to-do list is bigger than your budget or schedule. By breaking projects like this down into three separate phases, we can more easily plan out our process, and work within your budget and around major events within your facility. Give us a call today to discuss the possibilities and stay tuned for phases two and three!

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