Client Success Story: Episcopal High School Stewart Center

The Stewart Center was the original gym at the Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA. Built in the early 1900s, the Center has recently gone through a large renovation in order to become the school’s new state-of-the-art recreation center for students, and Audio-Video Group has been a huge part of that undertaking. As a 100% boarding school, it’s important for students to have a place they can go on campus to hang out, relax, and spend time with friends, and that’s exactly what this building has become.

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In the Rec Room Cafe, students can choose between a drop-down projector or a 4K display TV.

The school kicked off the project by completely gutting the interior of the 100-year-old facility. They decided to keep the exterior walls as is for aesthetic and historic purposes. The rec center consists of lounge areas, a student store, food and coffee carts, table games, a performance stage, and mailboxes for students. This is a project you’ve got to see to believe, so we’ll keep it simple for you!

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Another 4K display TV with touch screen controls resides in the Rec Center game room.

Here’s how AVG helped:

  • Large format 4K display TVs throughout the facility for movies, gaming, etc.
  • Extron control system – Touch panel to control displays.
  • Projection systems for watching movies.
  • High quality sound systems wired throughout the building for audio reproduction and general music.
  • Small performance stage with performance-quality production equipment for small concerts, theatrical performances, etc.
  • Single display installed in basement for daily student announcements.
  • External speaker system on roof to provide music for sports fields.
  • Main equipment rack installed in basement with multiple components to control most of the system.
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A small stage with performance-quality production equipment can be used for small concerts and other productions.

We know this will be a great asset for current and future students and we’ve really enjoyed helping make it happen.

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