Client Success Story: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Frederick

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Downtown Frederick had an existing sound system that didn’t quite hit the mark. The church knew they needed an update, but didn’t want to replace their existing system entirely. Have no fear; AVG is here!

Problem: Coverage issues with existing sound system

Because of the design and installation of the original sound system, there was a big problem with the sound being muffled in certain areas of the sanctuary. Specifically, people under the balcony could not hear the service or music.

Solution: Install additional speakers and redistribute sound

AVG updated the church’s main processor to allow for much better audio control within the sanctuary. They also added five new QSC AD-S6T 6.5” Surface Mount speakers under the balcony to evenly distribute the sound and provide proper coverage in the areas where there were gaps. This allows the soundboard operator to make the sound under the balcony louder more easily understood, without overpowering the people in the front row.

Problem: Outdated microphones

The microphones used at the front of the church were outdated and not positioned in the best possible way. This added to the sound issues throughout the church.

Solution: Installed new microphones

This was an easy fix. AVG installed seven new Earthworks C30 hanging microphones in the sanctuary’s 30-foot ceilings—three mics were installed over the bell section, two were placed in front of the brass section, and two were hung over the choir that sits directly in front of the organ. They also added a few Earthworks SR20 microphones for additional instrumental performances. Finally, a Shure QLXD four-channel wireless receiver was installed to control the microphones. This creative and unobtrusive solution keeps the microphones and cords out of the way, but still amplifies the sound so it can be heard throughout the sanctuary.

Other Solutions:

AVG used their years of experience to retune the sanctuary for optimal sound quality. They also installed new amplifiers and a QSC Core 110F Digital Signal Processor to manage the sound and make the system come alive.

Even though AVG added to the church’s existing system, they basically have a brand new sound system. This update solved all of Evangelical Lutheran Church’s problems, while still staying within their budget. As far as AVG is concerned, the client is still extremely happy with the products and the room is still perfectly tuned, so we’re satisfied on our end. It’s great to hear the positive feedback from the congregation that they can actually hear the service now!

AVG can tailor their services to meet your budget and needs. Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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