Client Success Story: Farm Credit

In late 2017, AVG was approached by the financial organization and lender Farm Credit to help design and implement a new A/V system for their Board Room. Farm Credit was planning a refresh of their main Maryland office located in Westminster. A main component of the refresh consisted of the addition of two new wings off their existing office building. One of the wings would incorporate their new and updated Board Room. AVG went to task, and started working on a design to incorporate audio, video, and control systems for the new space. It took almost a year to implement the solution, given the construction timeline and winter weather.

AVG was brought to task to help design and create a solution where each board member could adequately see and hear each individual seat around the main table. The challenge was great, as the room was large with high ceilings and a host of windows to allow natural light in the space. And as any A/V designer knows, light is not always your friend!

To tackle the video component of the project, it was important to first discern the content. Content is key, and determining the level of viewing detail was critical to the direction of the video system. Given that Farm Credit is a financial institution with offices across the United States, their main content consisted of detailed spreadsheets and documents with specific financial information. Small numbers, and a lot of them! AVG felt it was important to make sure that everyone seated around the table could clearly see this critical information clearly and accurately. One initial concept was to place displays throughout the room, but AVG quickly provided another recommendation.

Having strategic relationships with our manufacturers is a key component to AVG’s design process. Because of this, AVG chose a special product provided by Arthur Holm that incorporated electric lifts for in-table computer monitors. AVG felt strongly that this was one of the best ways for each board member to clearly see the critical information being presented on the screen. With the Arthur Holm product, and a high-quality computer monitor, AVG had the solution.

Routing video to each monitor was made simple with the help of Extron’s video control processor and seamless switcher scaler. AVG delivered crisp, high-definition video to each monitor in the table, as well as three remote tables that each consisted of their own lifts and monitors. Built-in control processing allowed the end-users at Farm Credit to route video, control audio, and raise and lower the lifts with a simple touch of a button.

For audio, AVG incorporated clean and simple Shure button microphones. Processed by a QSC Core digital signal processor and powered by Lab Gruppen amps, AVG built and installed the perfect audio, video, and control solution for Farm Credit. What seemed like a very complicated room turned into a very simple and elegant solution where everyone in the room can see, hear, and understand!

How can we help you? We love a challenge, so if you have a need or a space just like this, call us to see how we can help you solve your problem and help communicate your voice and vision!

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