Client Success Story: Love & Company’s New Location

Moving into a new space can be an ideal opportunity to upgrade your audio-video technology. That’s precisely what Love & Company decided to do when they relocated to their new location. 

As an accomplished marketing company that primarily serves senior living facilities, they wanted technology-driven solutions to support their creative experiences, connectivity, and collaboration in their various meeting spaces. 

The leadership team at Love & Company recognized the opportunity to build a technology upgrade into their growth plan. By incorporating the A/V upgrade into the renovation, they could realize a more cost-effective approach vs. installing retroactively. 

The team primarily operates on Mac computers. As such, the custom design solution presented by Audio-Video Group considered this and recommended a collaborative software that gives them the ability to whiteboard, share content, and connect multiple devices at once and work together through technology.

“The integrators at Audio-Video Group understood our needs, especially being in a Mac environment. There were customizations and utilization of Mac technology, which helps, along with combining into the android components of the system. AVG worked effectively with our IT team to make sure it all worked, and also came out and provided the team with some initial training that was well received. Everyone seems to be getting the hang of things pretty quickly.” – Tyler Sprecher, Principal, Chief Operations Officer, Love & Company

Now that the team is fully-operational in their new space, they’re heavily utilizing the upgraded technology and resources. An unexpected and an added benefit of the project was the positive feedback and appreciation the leadership team has received from their staff. The team was enthusiastic; the leaders made this consideration, and productivity soared! 

Below are some of the key features for the Love & Company project:

  • ClearTouch Interactive Panels 
  • Apple Mac Mini’s 

At Audio-Video Group, it is our mission to create unique and innovative audio/video experiences that inspire and ensure clients feel confident with their equipment. By working closely with clients to define the scope of the project, executing site surveys, and detailing custom options, Audio-Video Group supplies clients with stress-free, integrated audio-video system design and installation. 

When it comes to meetings and presentations, do you have an idea for creating a more engaging A/V experience? We’d love to help!

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