Client Success Story: Mount Calvary Baptist Church

For many churches and houses of worship, taking the leap to a new A/V system can be a huge step. But for Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Rockville, it was a huge step that had an even bigger payoff. We worked with them for more than a year to design an upgraded audio, video, and lighting system to bring them better products and more control.

Church Audio System

The first step in this project was the church’s audio system. Their system was last upgraded about a decade ago, so we helped them enhance that existing system and added a few new additions. We installed a new Allen & Heath SQ7 digital console, which is known for its pristine high-resolution audio quality and powerful processing. To help get the most out of the current system, we retuned it for the first time since it was installed. We typically recommend tuning a few times each year, so this system was long overdue. We then installed new on-stage RCF 12” active monitors for their worship team, and closed out this part of the project by providing detailed operation training for the members of their congregation and an on-site engineer to help with the transition.

Church Video System

The biggest aspect of this project was the video system, since they didn’t have any video capabilities in the sanctuary when we started. We also had to be extra creative with this part of the project because of the unique shape and size of the building. These limitations made it impossible for us to use projection in the sanctuary, so we installed 90” digital displays instead. These can be used for song lyrics, readings, and other messages for the congregation, and are better quality than most projectors. We also installed an 80” confidence monitor on the rear balcony for the pastoral team to use. These monitors and the information they display are all controlled through ProPresenter software running on a Mac.

To round out the video system, we installed three Marshall PTZ HD cameras for capturing video, as well as Blackmagic ATEM and Web Presenters for streaming and switching between video sources. The church also had an existing video distribution system that was previously installed, but could not handle the new high-definition resolution our upgrade provided. With this in mind, we turned to Contemporary Research for their top-notch RF distribution system. This RF Modulation is wired throughout the building and connects to several monitors and displays for more overall control. This was an easy and powerful way to get video and control to nearly twenty monitors throughout the building.

Church Lighting System

The final step was the lighting system. We installed stage theatrical lighting above the new platform to light the pastor and the choir. We put light bars on the beams at the front of the church and installed Blizzard Lighting Fresnels. These lights are known for their quality, low energy consumption, and ease of use. Finally, we installed a simple DMX lighting controller which allows for easier operation of the entire lighting system.

If you’re hesitant about taking the leap to a new system for your church or house of worship, why not take a small step and reach out to us for an initial consultation? Not all of our projects are complete overhauls. We can start small and work within the confines of most budgets to bring you and your congregation a better system. Let’s get started!

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