Client Success Story: Mount St. Mary’s University

Mount St. Mary’s University is a private, liberal arts, Catholic university in Emmitsburg, Maryland. We’ve worked with the University for nearly twenty years, updating the sound and video in multiple classrooms, auditoriums, athletic venues, and their arena, as well as helping with various events on campus. Most recently, we updated the sound and video equipment in Laughlin Auditorium and O’Donnell Lecture Hall.

Laughlin Auditorium

Laughlin Auditorium is located in the Coad Science Building and is used for classes, movies, and other school functions. Because of the diversity of uses for the auditorium, it was important that it had the appropriate equipment for any event that might take place here. We started by installing a new laser projector that is optimized for large venues. The EIKI EK-815U packs a whopping 8,500 lumens, and the laser display allows for 20,000 hours of projection. We then upgraded the audio system with the QSC Core 110f processor, which is ideal for single-room sound projects like this one. Eleven Tannoy ceiling speakers help distribute the audio, and a Lab Gruppen E10:4 power amplifier rounds out the audio. We also installed a surround sound system for movie playback and classes. This included an Extron surround sound processor and Community V2-26W surround sound speakers. With all of this new equipment, the auditorium is now the perfect setting for movies, class presentations, and anything else the University throws at it!

O’Donnell Lecture Hall

Located in Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, O’Donnell Lecture Hall is mostly used for classes. Their existing equipment was dated, so this project mostly consisted of upgrading equipment. We started with the projector. By upgrading to a Panasonic 8,500 lumen projector, professors can now project in a fully lit room with enhanced brightness and color reproduction. We also removed the dated VHS/DVD player that was being used, and installed a Denon Blu-Ray player for better quality media. A new presentation switcher/scaler from Extron allows for seamless transitions and more control, and an upgraded surround sound system with amplifiers from Denon Professional gives the room better sound quality. We finished out the project with ceiling-mounted subwoofers and updated speakers throughout the room for more even audio. These upgrades will have a lasting impact and will give professors and students a much better classroom experience.

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