Client Success Story: Trinity United Methodist Church Installation

We install sound, video, and lighting equipment in houses of worship of all denominations throughout the year. These projects are some of our favorites because we know the positive impact quality installations can have on the congregations and we know we’ll be part of the church’s community for years to come. Our most recent house of worship installation took place at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Germantown, Maryland. This project included the installation of professional-quality sound reinforcement and video projection systems in the sanctuary, so it was split into two phases. One thing we had to keep in mind throughout the entire project, however, was that the system needed to be easy to use and volunteers had to be trained to run the system. This is a common issue for houses of worship, and one we were more than equipped to handle.

Phase 1 – Church Audio Installation

The first phase of the project was all about audio. The sanctuary needed a more natural sound quality that could be evenly dispersed throughout the room for all of the congregation. We also found that their existing system produced feedback with normal use, which shouldn’t happen, and they didn’t have the right sound controls, input jacks, or microphones. All of these issues contributed to an unpleasant sound experience.

We installed a two-way loudspeaker in the main congressional seating area, strategically positioned to provide maximum performance for the entire sanctuary. Two floor coaxial floor monitors serve as portable monitoring systems for guest speakers and singers, and ceiling speakers were installed in the lobby and the nursery for additional overflow audio. New microphones, both wireless and wired, were added to the sanctuary, while amplifiers, mixing consoles, and signal processors help the system sound better and run more smoothly. We topped off this audio install with a new media player and a new rack to contain all of the equipment and wiring. All of this equipment works together seamlessly to produce a more natural sound in the sanctuary and throughout the church.

Church Audio Installation Highlights:

  • Digital 16-Channel Mixer
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • Centralized Main Speaker – point source
  • Two small passive floor monitors
  • Ceiling Speakers (lobby, hallway, nursery) with volume controls
  • Flush-mounted floor pockets on the chancel area for system inputs
  • Wireless and Wired Microphones and Stands
  • CD Player with various media playback capability

Phase 2 – Church Video Installation

Phase two of this project dealt with the church’s video projection system. Our goal was to install a system that produced bright, clear, focused images in any seat with no distortion or visual artifacts. We started with two video projection screens installed behind the pulpit. Each screen has a viewing surface measuring at least 100” diagonally so the images can be seen even in the back of the sanctuary. We also installed two projectors, each capable of projecting an image that will fill the entire screen from approximately twenty feet away, with wireless remote controls to turn the system on and off.

A 70” confidence monitor was installed on the back wall of the sanctuary to provide presenters with text and video information during the service. The information displayed on the monitor is managed by ProPresenter software running on the church’s MAC Mini. We also installed a DVD/Blu-ray player and a switcher/scaler to transition between sources, as well as all necessary cabling, wiring, and hardware. Now, no matter where you’re sitting in the sanctuary, you can see the clear images and words displayed on the projector screen.

Church Video Installation Highlights:

  • DVD/Blu-ray Player
  • 6200 Lumen Projectors
  • Wide-screen format, fixed Projector Screens (100” Diagonal)
  • 70” LED HDTV Confidence Monitor
  • 4K/UHD HDMI Switcher with two digital input plates
  • Apple MAC Mini with ProPresenter Presentation Software

Overall, the AVG team and the leaders at Trinity United Methodist Church were very happy with the final installation. Their system produces a natural sound quality and pristine image reproduction, making every seat in their sanctuary the best seat in the house. On top of that, the system is easy to use. With the help of AVG techs, volunteers were trained on the system and can now train others to help as well, which was an important aspect of this project. We’re excited for the church to use their new system and experience the benefits, as well as for the AVG team to be part of the Trinity United Methodist legacy for years to come.

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