Client Success Story: Mount St. Mary’s User-Friendly Audio-Video Solution

When considering a user-friendly audio-video experience for the new Campus Activity Center at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Maryland, the team wanted a flexible and functional solution. Jon Hager, the Director of Campus Activities, made sure the system design would accurately reflect the various events that would take place at the center. Since many of the students who attend The Mount live on campus, the Activity Center is an integral part of campus life. It might host a lecture by day and then transform to a concert venue by night. 

John Brewer, the Director of Client Computing & Audio Visual Services, wanted a technically high-end system that offered levels of sophistication. From a beginner to an experienced sound engineer, it was crucial that every operator feel confident the system was reliable and user-friendly. Along with an easy-to-use system and the capability to handle a wide variety of situations, The Mount also wanted the students to have the cutting edge technology they deserve.

“What stood out about AVG and why we selected them as our partner is they aren’t just a project-based company. We receive the follow-up, access, and on-going support from Eric and his team.”
~ John Brewer, Director of Client Computing & Audio Visual Services, Mount St. Mary’s University

At Audio-Video Group, we understand that each project and facility is unique. Since we have designed and installed hundreds of multi-use spaces, we put our knowledge to work when imagining custom solutions and opportunities for the Activity Center.

As long-standing partners, we were invited to participate in the development of the design and installation of their audio-video solution. (Budget tip – you can save yourself stress and money when you incorporate your A/V partner into the design phase.) We recommended breaking the project down into four major components: light, sound, video, and control. Then we discussed their goals for each element. It was vital to take into consideration the experience of a person attending the event. Equally significant to consider was the user who would be running the system. Through our discussions with the team at The Mount, we were able to recommend a design that would give them the versatility and usability they need, coupled with the technology to match.


For the lighting system, it was essential to provide day-to-day use and functionality, a baseline for performance, and the ability to accommodate additional fixtures as requested. Integrating conventional lighting (ellipsoidal & Fresnel) with intelligent, moving head fixtures enables a wide range of lighting scenarios. To support requests from entertainers to augment the lighting design, the team selected a customizable lighting system capable of expanding cabling and light fixtures. By situating the lights strategically throughout the building, they can make a quick and smooth transition from functional to performance.

When planning the audio system, it was essential to have ample volume and well-distributed inside and outside. We recommended the specific placement of pendant and outdoor speakers along with amplifiers to guarantee attendees could easily hear what was happening. To handle the multi-use aspect of the space, we recommended upgrading to have a high-performance audio system to ensure more complex sound design for concerts or theatrical performances. 

As with audio, it was equally essential to deliver visual components of the event to attendees. With the placement of the central projection screen in a common area along with ancillary monitors on the balcony and overflow spaces, the center offers sufficient viewing opportunities. While working through the design, we uncovered an exciting chance to install two exterior video walls for outdoor viewing events and signage applications. 

With a system of this size, the big question is, how does The Mount create a user-friendly operator experience? Given the mixed-space usage, we suggested the installation of two touch panels with multiple layers of user control. For example, when the system was programmed, it was done to give entry-level users access to power and microphones, while experienced users have full access. Additionally, the system has the capability of programming a preset for on-going events like BINGO or trivia night. So when the event coordinator for BINGO arrives for set up, the last thing they have to worry about is operating the system, they click the preset and can focus on the fun. 

Jon Hager, the Director of Campus Activities, says, “Students come in, and it feels more like a social setting, and it’s a lot more fun!”

Hager and his team are in the process of booking events for the spring session, and they are looking forward to putting the Activity Center to good use.

Do you look at a room or a building and think there must be more I can do with this space? You, too, can transform your space into a multi-use space with endless possibilities!

Theatrical Lighting

  • Cameo Lighting
  • Pathway Cognito Lighting Controller

Audio System

  • Turbo Sound TBV line array 
  • Turbo Sound dual 18″ subwoofers
  • Atlas IED pendants
  • One System outdoor speakers
  • LabGruppen amplifiers
  • Midas M32 digital console
  • Audio-Technica 5000 series
  • QSC Core 110F digital signal processor

Distributed Video System

  • 226″ diagonal electric wide-screen projection
  • Panasonic 10,000 ANSI lumen laser projector
  • 75″ Panasonic displays 
  • Absen 4.4 MM outdoor direct-view LED video walls
  • Extron Video Processor

Commercial Control System

  • Extron Commercial Control System
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