Collaboration in Digital Spaces

Collaboration is a hot topic in working environments. It’s about being together, when you physically are not, and it can also be about sharing ideas at faster speeds and using technology to share that information in collaboration rooms. AVG has installed many different systems in collaboration rooms, and in this post, we are going to talk about the first step to AV collaboration, and that revolves around the connection of multiple machines into one space. Let’s dive in!

There are two main solutions when we talk about collaboration in meeting spaces, wired and wireless. Wired solutions are exactly as they sound. Every user and device needs to plug in to the system to use the tools available. Wireless uses Bluetooth or wi-fi to connect devices. Both have pros and cons, so fit is really a matter of preference.

Hardwired solutions require that you connect every device by a cable to the controller. This is great when you have many different types of devices connecting to the space. It does not require any software, so it’s guest friendly. Many of the products have push button controls that allow you to switch screens with the simple touch of a button. This wired solution is great for those diverse meeting locations, where you need a reliable solution for unexpected devices and visitors.

The wireless solution is very compact and slick. With small USB based connectors, or no connectors at all, you can switch presentations and devices without the clutter of wires on your table. The drawback to some of these is that they require software to run but many of them are simple USB dongles. Getting the hang of it might take some time, but it’s great if you have a regular meeting group, who like the flexibility that comes from wireless. Private conference rooms, or boardrooms are ideal for this tool.

Overall both solutions can take your meeting spaces to the next level of collaboration. If you’d like a demo or more information on these products please contact AVG at, or call us at 301.668.4448.

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