Client Success Story: New Life Church in Frederick

The New Life Church in Frederick needed to completely redo the audio system in their sanctuary, and they came to us with a pretty open mind. Their existing analog audio system was very old and was made up of a hodgepodge of random equipment that didn’t work consistently. Luckily, we didn’t have to incorporate any of the existing system, and had no major hoops to jump through. Just a good old fashioned audio overhaul. These are the kinds of projects that get our blood pumping!

Let’s start with the setup of the sanctuary and what made this project slightly challenging (although not too challenging for AVG). The sanctuary in this church is shaped like a rectangle. It’s wide, but shallow, which can be a hard setup to design for if you don’t have the right experience and talent (two things AVG has an abundance of).

We started with two Tannoy VX 12HP coaxial speakers. Coaxial speakers are uniquely designed because the high frequency and low frequency drivers come from one source, increasing coverage and making it ideal for this room setup.

AVG also installed two single, 18-inch GP118-SW QSC subwoofers with a QSC-PL340 power amplifier to increase the low frequency response, and a brand new QSC Core 110f Processor. Add three new QSC GX7 power amplifiers throughout the sanctuary and you’ve got yourself one heck of a sound system.

Additionally, we replaced the church’s old analog console with a new digital Behreinger X32 Digital Mixing Console, and added two Behringer S16 digital snake boxes. These products save time and money, effort and energy, and make our job a lot easier! The church also bought six Behreinger P16M Personal Mixing Systems to allow the musicians to individually control their levels from the platform where they play.

The final step in this project was for our team to tune the equipment and train the worship team. Our director of operations, John, event went to one of their Sunday morning services and worked with the team to mix the service, so they could see the process first hand. The new audio equipment really brought the congregational worship to life and will continue to serve the church for years to come!

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