Frederick Memorial Hospital Cancer Center Groundbreaking

On Wednesday, March 16, 2016, Frederick Memorial Hospital held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new James M. Stockman Cancer Institute. Audio-Video Group was honored to supply audio, lighting and staging for this important event. The $21 million expansion of FMH’s award-winning oncology program will supply comprehensive cancer care for patients. Attendees at the groundbreaking included top hospital executives, donors, county executives and government officials, including Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

For this event, Audio-Video Group supplied:

  • Generators for power
  • Tent for 200+ people
  • Audio equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Video coordination
  • Press feeds for media
  • Heaters
  • Staging

Challenge: March in Maryland calls for pretty unpredictable weather. It can snow one day and be 75 degrees the next. This can make planning an outdoor event difficult.
Solution: Audio-Video Group provided a tent to cover the 200 attendees at the ceremony. This helped FMH prepare for whatever weather they were given for the event and helped block out noise from the nearby highway. Although the morning started off a bit chilly the day of the event, warm, sunny weather appeared in the afternoon. The tent helped provide warmth from the cold weather and shade from the sun.

Challenge: Audio-Video Group supplied audio, video and lighting equipment, along with heaters in case of cold weather for the event, but needed a power source for these to work.
Solution: Multiple generators were brought in to power the supplied equipment. While this can often be an unreliable source of power, Audio-Video Group brought back-ups in case of an emergency. With the generators, AVG was able to power multiple speakers, video equipment, lights and heaters to keep the guests comfortable and to make sure that all attendees could see and hear the presentation.

Challenge: With such a large event, planning could take months. Audio-Video Group had just two weeks to pull this event together.
Solution: Typically, AVG would prefer to have at least three months when planning such a large event. Fortunately, since Audio-Video Group has its own rental inventory, they were able to supply the necessary equipment for the event in the available planning time.

Inevitably, challenges will arise at some point in the planning process for any event. Luckily for Frederick Memorial Hospital, their problems were minor and they had Audio-Video Group there to provide solutions, making this a successful event.

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Photo credit: Kurt Holter

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