Grace Church – Case Study

When Grace church relocated to their new worship facility they had a few goals in mind.  They wanted “world class AV” to support their message.  So AVG made their dream a reality.

They needed a sound system that could keep up with their first class praise band that performs at concert like levels every week.  AVG designed a stereo line-array sound system with multiple sub-woofers under the stage.  The main mixing console and audio back-bone is comprised of a digital console and snake system.  This allows all of the audio to travel to and from the stage over a single twisted pair cable – greatly reducing cost of installation and future upgrades.  The musicians also use personal monitor mixers to tailor a custom mix to perform.

Second they wanted to visually support their message.   AVG designed and outfitted them with a digital video system to do just that.  With multiple robotic cameras installed throughout the room, Grace church can provide “I-mag” during the service to assist members having a difficult time seeing the Pastor deliver his message.  There are three projection screens over the stage to deliver the I-mag as well as song lyrics and message notes.

Grace church wanted to reach members who may be abroad or shut-in.  With the robotic cameras and a digital video broadcast studio they are able to do just that.  Grace church broadcasts the service either live over the internet or on Local ABC 7 at 7:00am on Sunday mornings.

To better enhance to viewing experience, an intelligent lighting system was designed and installed.  This allowed the technical staff to provide effective lighting that supports the video broadcast system while still setting a creative atmosphere.  LED color changing fixtures allow them to come up with any look or feel that they desire.

Other parts of the system:

There is a multipurpose room that has a self-contained audio, video and lighting system to host smaller services or educational programs.  This system is linked back to the main sanctuary’s system and provides overflow for an additional 150 people.

There are live feeds to each of the children’s classrooms, nursing and cry room, the main lobby, conference rooms and the executive office.  These feeds allow anyone in the building to be effectively engaged with the service.


Primary Manufactures Used:

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