How to Keep Your Team Safe & Productive at Work

We know you want to keep your team safe and productive at work. With Maryland and surrounding states in Stage Three reopening, many companies are bringing at least some employees back to the office. Employers have valid concerns about how to keep their staff healthy while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread.

Governor Hogan’s office has excellent guidelines on safely reopening personal and professional services offices. The CDC also has great advice on how to get employees back into an office setting.

Your goals for your office will be individual to you. Whether you want everyone back working in person or want to stick with a hybrid model, Audio-Video Group has the tools to help. We can come up with creative solutions that might be simpler than you think.

The best solution to lowering risk is to reduce population density in the office. This is where hybrid models can come in handy. Whether employees rotate working from home and working in the office, or parts of your team are fully remote and others are entirely back in the office, having some flexibility around how many people are in the space at once will make a big difference to health and safety.

Hybrid teams require unified communication strategies. This means that your remote workers can be working right alongside your in-person crew to get the job done. Audio-Video Group can help with the necessary equipment, including LED screens, adequate internet bandwidth, and teleconferencing software. We can integrate systems with the equipment you already have and help you upgrade where necessary, and put measures in place to be certain your data is secure as it is transferred between in-house and remote team members.

It’s also important to limit congregating in common areas, whether they are kitchens or conference rooms. Overflow spaces can help reduce population density in the office and provide more places for people to work in an office setting. In some workplaces, this might even include outdoor conference spaces. It is entirely possible to set up a fully functional indoor or outdoor overflow space, complete with screens, wifi, and whatever else your team needs. We can even help you find tents, tables, and chairs and get your space ready to go.

Small things can make a big difference, including increased ventilation by keeping doors and windows open as much as possible. Also, the more you can distribute information electronically rather than physically the better–both to limit multiple people touching the same items, and to restrict unnecessary physical contact.

Regardless of your setup, touchless technology will be key to limiting the spread of COVID and other illnesses. Communal surfaces are a concern, especially in high traffic areas. We can work with you to install touchless temperature scanners; voice and gesture responsive technology; and incorporate employees’ personal devices into the office setting.

Now is the time to plan what your goals are for reopening your office. Whatever your vision is, we can work with you to refine and execute it. Remember, many manufacturers are experiencing delays due to the pandemic. We have direct relationships with many manufacturers and can get equipment more quickly than buyers on the retail market can. Plus, we know what equipment integrates easily and how to pull it all together.

Call us today or schedule your free site survey (virtual or in-person) to discuss your ideas and vision for your business. We can help you and your team is safe & productive while at work. We can’t wait to help you get started.

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