Improve Your Event with Audio-Video Group (Part 1: Staging)

This three-part series will give you tips on improving your event with the help of Audio-Video Group. Planning an event is stressful enough. Why worry about things that we can worry about for you?

First up? Rent a stage!

Staging is often overlooked when planning an event. It’s usually the first thing scrapped from the budget when things get tight. Huge mistake! While not all events will require a stage, most events do, and not having one could ruin your event.

Improve Performer/Emcee Visibility
You’re having this event for a reason and it would be a shame if the majority of your guests missed the main event because they couldn’t see what was going on. This seems like a no brainer, but it still needs to be said. Most events will have some sort of entertainment, emcee, panel, etc., and renting a stage from Audio-Video Group is a great way to, literally, elevate these performances.

StagingProvides Decoration and a Safe Place for Equipment
One of the easiest ways to amplify the decorations at your event is to decorate the stage. Decorations don’t have to be expensive. Add some curtains, lights, projection screens, or repurpose the pop-up banner you use once a year, and you’ll be glad to have your stage front-and-center at your event. As an added bonus, the stage will give you a place to put speakers, microphones, and other expensive equipment that needs to be kept safe throughout the event. Added bonus: the curtains and decorations will hide the ugly cords and wires!

Hosting One of These Events? Definitely Consider Staging:

  • Graduations
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Panel Discussions
  • Concerts/Live Music
  • Auctions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Speakers
  • Theater Performances
  • And More!

We know times are hard and budgets are tight, but you’ll be glad that you took the time and money to rent a stage for your event. Let us help you pick out an appropriate size, shape, and structure for your stage and we’ll handle the rental, set up, and tear down the day of the event.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series and find out why your event NEEDS professional lighting!

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