King of Kings Lutheran Church – Case Study


A little over a year ago, King of Kings Lutheran Church, located in Fairfax, Virginia called upon Audio-Video Group to engineer a solution focused on enhancing their audio system and the overall experience of their weekly worship. In fact, this has been a rather common trend as churches continue to find quality audio to be monumental in providing a truly inspirational and enjoyable worship service.

Having settled for a poorly designed audio system suitable for a church half their current size, King of Kings reached out to Audio-Video Group with one question: Is it possible, without making our lives more difficult and without an outrageous price tag, to deploy an audio system that leaves our community feeling welcomed and inspired every time they come into worship?

Now, the easy answer is yes, but the team here at Audio-Video Group understands that every church is different. Yes, from a structural standpoint, but also, and arguably more importantly, from a personality standpoint. That’s why we went to great lengths to thoroughly understand the King of Kings congregation and to find creative ways to enhance their unique worship services.


The Problem

What we found was that their current audio system had a number of flaws stemming from its design and implementation. Their worship hall had two, large speakers, installed extremely low and in the front corners. The result was an eye sore that left lingering issues, rather extreme feedback issues. The experience was inconsistent, some could hear the sermon while others could not.

The feedback issue was particularly bad. Because the speakers were so low and directly behind the person speaking, any sound coming through the speakers went right back into the microphone. This was particularly troublesome for the inspirational King of Kings choir.


The Solution

After our thorough preparation and walkthrough our team took to the drawing board and designed a customized solution, ideal for the King of Kings worship. In the end our solution fell within their suggested budget.

Audio-Video Group outfitted their worship hall with a Roland M200i ditigal mixing console, giving them award-winning sound quality, and the ability to control everything from their iPad. Along with the new board, we condensed their two speakers into one, aesthetically pleasing, Martin Audio OmniLine loud speaker array. To top it off, our team installed Earthworks high definition microphones, and Shure ULXD Wireless microphones.

When all was said and done, we worked with King of Kings to engineer a system unique to them. They are now able to provide their entire community a truly remarkable worship service only enhanced further by their unique audio system. If you would like to hear more about this project or think you may have a similar challenge, please feel free to contact Audio-Video Group at 301-668-4448 or visit our website,


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