The What, Who, and How of the Lifesize Cloud

At Audio-Video Group, we offer the latest in video technology to make your meetings run as smoothly as possible, no matter where you are. We’re proud to bring you the Lifesize Cloud. Now, we know that any digital concept that includes the word “cloud” is bound to bring up some questions. With that in mind, we’ll examine the what, who, and how of the Lifesize Cloud, and show why it’s the best answer for connecting your entire organization over video.

Before we get started, here’s a brief overview of the Lifesize Cloud.

The What

So what exactly is the Lifesize Cloud? Well, simply put, it’s the best option for video conferencing. With one click to connect to anyone, it is the only cloud-based, business-class video conferencing service that lets you call another person or meeting room directly. It features easy screen sharing, schedulable calls using Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, call recording capabilities, and more. And because it’s accessible by use of an application on your laptop, tablet and phone, it goes everywhere you do. You can even call into a virtual meeting room no matter where you are.

The Who

Who is behind the Lifesize Cloud? That would be a company called Lifesize. They specialize in delivering video conferencing that’s as easy and lifelike as meeting in person. They’re based in Austin, Texas, but they’re connecting the world.

Who can you connect to with the Lifesize Cloud? The short answer is everybody. With the ability to connect up to 40 people and meeting rooms at a time, nobody in your organization is ever out of reach. Matter of fact, you can even invite people outside of your organization who don’t have Lifesize Cloud, so no one will ever be out of reach.

The How

As its name suggests, Lifesize Cloud is a cloud-based solution. Being cloud based allows video conference hosts to connect anywhere without the headache of needing hardware outside of the conference room. Even though some hardware is needed within the conference room, don’t worry because LifeSize Cloud makes it simple.  Chances are your existing video equipment will work with one of LifeSize’s solutions.

If you’re ready to find out how the Lifesize Cloud can be the answer to your video needs or need assistance installing needed hardware in your conference room, contact AVG today at 301.668.4448 or on our website,

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