Why Do We Love Those Big Screens? A “Virtual Selfie” Might Hold the Key to the Answer

It might take you a second or even a third glance to figure out what’s going on in this picture. While two members of Audio-Video Group’s installation team take a picture of their completed work, the “live-camera” behind them captures the moment.  The cameras location and height, cause the ladder and techs to appear as missing!  A bit of an optical illusion.  Read on to discover the point of the picture.

Have you ever been to a “live” sporting event and caught yourself watching the giant screens more than the actual game?  Admit it, you know you have.  In fact we all have at one time or another, been more impressed with the big screen than watching the real thing.  Picture yourself sitting in the nose-bleed seats, barely able to see the field, let alone the players, but don’t worry, the big replay screen is working and the players look life-sized, almost bigger than life.  Those giant screens and that giant projection of life is why we love those screens.  Suddenly the event is up close and personal, we feel like we are a part of the game.

Therein lies of the key’s to successful video enhancement; taking the normal everyday world and making it bigger than life!  This is why people love to visit Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, or even space!  That is why we pay ten to fifteen dollars to see movies in IMAX format.  We crave those bigger than life events that seem to pull us into the experience and engage us.  Just like the two Audio-Video Group techs in the picture above, well done technology can lift us from a position of mere spectator and place us directly in the experience.

If you were to ask an organization why they chose to take on a video enhancement project they would probably reply, “To create a rich and meaningful experience for our audience”.  The organization has learned that when the right content is presented with the right equipment, the balance of the two efforts will create a greater impact on the audience.  Clear, meaningful and bigger than life content on a professionally designed delivery platform will assist you in connecting, engaging and ultimately changing the way your audience embraces the experience.

Visit Audio-Video Group’s website to see more examples of “larger than life” projects.  Afterwards, call Audio-Video Group at (800)668-4988 and let our design team work with you to help create a lifetime experience for your audience.

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