MEEC Approved Vendor & What It Means For You

Audio-Video Group is a proud MEEC approved vendor. The educational sector is an important part of the work we do here at Audio-Video Group. We love being part of making the classroom experience exceptional for both teachers and students, and helping administrators do their jobs efficiently.

As part of our work in improving the quality of education in Maryland, we proudly work with the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC). Any educational organization in Maryland, K-12, and higher education, public or private, along with libraries can join MEEC as a procurement vehicle for a wide variety of needs, including audio-video. MEEC provides its members with contracts to efficiently purchase IT and AV hardware, software, and technology-related services at outstanding values. Throughout the year, MEEC and its vendors provide webinars and in-person seminars on a multitude of IT topics for members.

Audio-Video Group is proud to be part of MEEC. The organization undergoes a thorough vetting process before admitting any company as a vendor. 

Our customer references were a big factor in our admission to the MEEC vendor list. We can’t think of anything we love more than working with our clients, so those references mean the world to us.

Our longevity and ability to survive previous recessions also played a factor in the decision process. We have been in business for over 20 years and have experienced growth over that time, thanks to our loyal customer base and our commitment to consistency. This gives the MEEC board peace of mind–they don’t want Maryland educational institutions investing a lot of money into quality AV installations if the company might go out of business and be unable to help when things go wrong with the system. We have been in business for a long time with no end in sight.

Another factor in our selection was our agreements with a broad base of manufacturers in the AV industry. These manufacturers are willing to work with us because we have been around for so long and will always use their products to their best advantage. 

MEEC is a great vehicle for its members and having gone through the process of acceptance onto the vendor list, we can assure you that it wasn’t easy to achieve. We are very proud to have met their high standards.

MEEC gives members several benefits, including preferred pricing on products and services from thoroughly vetted vendors. This takes the headache out of sourcing and negotiations for small schools, who through MEEC become part of a large procurement arm. Members also have access to the vendor provided webinars, trade shows, training, and other resources. It’s one funnel for all IT related products. 

We’re glad to be part of the important work MEEC is doing to help schools operate well, and that our work over the past two decades has made us a preferred vendor in this state. Thank you to all of our clients for being part of this journey.


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