Mount St. Mary’s University – Case Study

This month, as we look back on the past 15 years of Audio-Video Group’s growth, “The Mount” partnership stands out in our mind as another showcase example of our “Design, Build, Maintain” relationship. Mount St. Mary’s University (MSMU) has been a loyal customer of Audio-Video Group for over a decade. We have been the  primary AV solutions provider for many of their large-scale projects, including Knott Arena. MSMU most recently came to Audio-Video Group with a problem; one of the most important places on campus, the Knott Auditorium. The auditorium was outdated and unable to deliver a high quality experience for the growing use of the space.

The “Growing” Problem

Ten years ago the MSMU auditorium had very different needs. Over recent years the space had started to evolve. What began as a simple lecture and general assembly space now needed to be equipped with proper AV equipment for more dynamic performances and special events. The demands of the auditorium now included use as a dance theater, student orientation and rally space, as well as an outside rental space, which required professional sound and video equipment. The growing needs outgrew the original system, and Audio-Video Group was called in.

The Flexible Solution

The demand was for more flexible space, which allowed for physical movement, and a wide range of monitoring and projection scenarios as a rental space.  After a “Design, Build” audit of the current system, Audio-Video Group determined some of the existing components could be used with some new additions to meet all the needs for the future.

The first choice was tackling the audio, and based on the needs Audio-Video Group decided to take a two-headed approach. First a new hands free operation mode could be used for simple performances not requiring an operator. Second, a manual mode could be used for dynamic performances that require more finesse from an operator.

To bring the sound to the audience, we installed QSC KLA line array loudspeakers with subwoofers and were able to re-use the Biamp Audia-Flex audio DSP that was currently in place. This presented a cost savings to the client, and allowed them to focus on improvements in other areas, while still making big impacts on sound.

Next, the core control of the audio system while in the manual mode was adding a new Roland M-200 digital console with iPad control and two connection locations. This allowed for both a back-of-room control for dynamic performances and a front-of-room control for lectures and presentations. True versatility in the digital age!

The video was upgraded to a new digital system. This included a new Digital Projection E-Vision 8000 HD projector accompanied by a large format fixed frame, high performance screen large enough for the viewers in the back of the room. Additionally, the system received a new Extron IN1604 digital switcher scaler for presentations to make connection for presenters easier than ever and transitions between video source a breeze.

Lastly, Audio-Video Group upgraded the room control system for the entire auditorium to make the use of the system much easier and more manageable for all users. A new Extron TLP-710MV touch panel control was placed on the wall for one-touch controlling of the various pre-configured setups. Not only does the touch panel simplify the use of the system but it also features more up-to-date security features, such as password protection, to keep out unauthorized use in a very simple way. This feature makes the space more functional for rental space and prevented unauthorized daytime use.

Through all these updates, the Knott Auditorium AV is like new, providing high-quality audio and video for stage performances and visual presentations. This project is another great example of the Audio-Video Group’s “Design, Build, Maintain partnership and will remain so for many years into the future.

If you would like to hear more about how Audio-Video Group has helped MSMU or would like to discuss a new AV solution for your space, contact Audio-Video Group at or call us at 301.668.4448.

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