Client Success Story: Organization of American States

Lately, we’ve been telling you everything you need to know about conferencing microphones—what they do, how they work, and why they’re effective. So now, we’re going to show you how one of our clients has had success with conferencing systems.

The Organization of American States (OAS) brings together 35 independent states of the Americas to establish peace and justice, promote solidarity, strengthen collaboration, and defend sovereignty. Their Washington, D.C., office often hosts large member meetings, where all delegates need to be heard, be translated, and be able to vote. That’s where AVG comes in.

For this project, we used Brahler conferencing products to develop an all-in-one package with flexibility. Their CDSVAN Standard Delegate Microphones are table-top consoles that can be used to participate in discussions, but also to vote with five different function buttons. With the conferencing system, organizers can identify every delegate in the space, no matter which seat they take. The system also has interpreter functionality, with the ability to set up five relay languages. So, everyone in the room will get the message loud and clear in their preferred language, using only the conferencing software.

We also installed a large screen and projector in the conference room. In a typical OAS meeting, the presentation slides are displayed on a screen. However, the slides need to be presented in both English and Spanish. We used the EIKI EK810 8,000 lumen projector because it allows for picture-in-picture capabilities, meaning one screen can act as two at the same time. This allows OAS to display both the English and the Spanish interpretation on the screen at the same time.

With new microphones comes the need for an audio system upgrade. We installed a new sound system that was sized appropriately for the room scale, and a video switcher scaler. With this new audio system, the conferencing microphones connect directly to the system and have the capability to record. We also installed a conferencing system, complete with video projection. This allows OAS to put agenda notes up on the screen and vote on them (using their handy-dandy conferencing microphones!).

The functionality of the Brahler conferencing system has been exactly what OAS needed. But, you don’t have to be a political organization to use it. The equipment works for other industries as well. Interested in learning more or setting up a demo? Give us a call today!

For more pictures of this project, check out our portfolio!

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