Part 1: What Makes an A/V Expert?

There are a lot of A/V companies out there, but not a lot of great A/V companies. And we know that figuring out the difference and finding the right company for your project isn’t always easy. So, we’re here to help make that choice a little easier. We’ve developed a series of articles explaining some of the intricacies of our industry and what separates the good guys from the okay guys. Throughout the series, you’ll hear from our manufacturers and clients, and learn a little more about the various components of our industry,

Main Components of Industry

  • Audio – We all know that audio is the sound component of your system. It includes your microphones and speakers, but many people don’t know the complex details behind developing a complete, successful audio system. After you’ve picked out the right equipment, there’s still the room layout, speaker positioning, and mixers to consider.
  • Video – Video is another aspect that seems easy to understand on the surface, but is actually a lot more complicated. Video is how your message gets seen. Video systems can be as simple as a big screen television, or as complex as a system of LED wall panels. A lot goes into video; from researching and selecting the right screens and projectors, to understanding correct positioning, formatting, and layout.
  • Lighting – Lighting is usually the most overlooked aspect of the A/V world, but it’s one of the most important. Lighting covers a lot of different things, from atmospheric lighting and decoration, to stage basic room lighting.
  • Control – Control is what brings all of these elements together. With the right equipment, we can take the complicated actions of the audio, video, and lighting systems, and turn them into simple processes. This can be a touch screen panel on the wall, a remote control, or other solutions that fit your need.

A lot of planning goes into making all of these systems work cohesively, so it helps if that planning takes place simultaneously. Your state-of-the-art video system is useless if it doesn’t work with your existing audio equipment. And your atmospheric lighting can impact the visibility of your video system if it isn’t planned right. So, having one company who can plan all of these things cohesively can be a game changer. Cue Audio-Video Group.

Creativity & Design

Some A/V companies will just focus on the design of the project, resulting in a standard end product that may solve some of your problems. Other A/V companies will just focus on the creativity, resulting in a flashy project that might not solve all of your problems and won’t be user-friendly. When you work with AVG, we put creativity and design together from the start of the project, which results in a much more user-friendly and successful end product. We consider things like your daily routine, flow of work, and work space, in order to develop a tailored and custom solution that works for you and meets all of your needs. In our experience, we find that the marriage of creativity and design early in the process makes for a smoother process and more user-friendly and high-quality end product.

What to Expect from our Expert Series

  • Learn more about the individual components of our industry: audio, video, lighting, and control.
  • Hear what our clients and manufactures have to say.
  • Learn more about the AVG process, and what sets us apart from those other guys.
  • Know that the next time you have an A/V project, you’ll be able to confidently choose the right company for the job.

Stay tuned for the second part of our series, where we’ll teach you more about audio and the importance of control.

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