Plan Now for Great Holiday Gatherings

This holiday season is looking like it will be very different from those in our recent memory. From winter holiday services to company parties, we want to help make this a fun and festive season for your house of worship or organization. 

The key to having a great holiday season is going to be planning ahead. The necessary equipment for live streaming and virtual gatherings is already delayed and will only become higher in demand, so pre-planning and scheduling is key.

We can help your church or company celebrate the holidays with rental equipment and even production staffing if investing in permanent fixtures isn’t right for you. Virtual gatherings and live-streaming services or events are right in our wheelhouse and will help your community feel close throughout the season. 

As anyone involved in church knows, the winter season draws a bigger crowd than usual, so even if you’re all set for regular weekly services, now is the time to think about how you might need to increase capacity. For instance, you might need more bandwidth and live streaming equipment to handle the influx of traffic. You will want to be sure you have user-friendly technology that you can broadcast, and your congregants can have an excellent and safe online service experience. 

Churches and other organizations that rely on outdoor spaces for in-person meetings will likely need to start thinking of what changes they will need to make when the weather starts to get cold over the next couple of months. We can help with physically distant indoor spaces that will keep everyone safe while out of the elements.

As Maryland enters Phase Three reopening, more in-person events and venues are opening or increasing capacity. Now is the time for venue owners to be solidifying their plans to make sure their attendees have a great time and stay safe. AVG has a wide range of options we can design, install, and implement for you to put on a great event.

It’s important that you know you don’t have to have all the answers. We can consult with you and propose ideas and solutions. In many cases, you might not know what you don’t know, and that’s okay! Tell us what you hope to accomplish, and we can help you come up with ideas. We can talk through how it all works, from what new equipment you might need to rent or purchase to how to integrate that with the technology you already have.

Call or email us with any questions you might have about planning ahead for the holidays and a fun and successful Phase Three. 

Audio-Video Group Plan Now for Great Holiday Gatherings

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