Product Overview: ClearOne® Teleconferencing Systems

In today’s business age of reduced travel budgets and green practices, fewer companies are relying on travel and more are incorporating teleconferencing to meet their goals. The problem lies in the equipment used for these teleconferences. Most companies are using outdated equipment that’s hard to use, unsightly, and most importantly, doesn’t completely meet all of their needs. Have you ever misheard a client because of bad audio or were interrupted by background noise or feedback? Those days are over. When looking into updating our own teleconferencing equipment, we immediately looked at ClearOne®’s INTERACT Pro® and CONVERGE® Pro series’, along with their Beamforming Microphone Array, to meet all of our needs. Here’s what we found.

INTERACT® Pro Series
Let’s start with the INTERACT® Pro equipment series. This audio conferencing solution is extremely easy to use, and their entire family of products works together seamlessly to give you the best teleconferencing setup available. A unique feature of this system is that it gives you the ability to connect with enterprise telephones, desktop applications (think: Skype™), and HD video conferencing systems directly.

The technical specs on this piece of equipment have our staff drooling. Echo and background noise cancellation reduces distracting noises and makes the audio sound so crisp and clear it feels like the person on the other end of the line is in the room with you. We love this product because it gives you up to 16 microphone inputs, automatic level controls, and much more. It’s scalable and flexible and it will meet all of your conferencing needs.

CONVERGE® Pro Series
Another awesome product from ClearOne® is the CONVERGE® Pro series. This next-generation audio conferencing equipment delivers a new level of flexibility and performance. With top-of-the-line audio clarity technology and an industry-leading audio processor, this system gives you a completely natural audio experience. Say goodbye to the days of crackling audio, loud echoes, and annoying feedback. Echo Cancellation®, Noise Cancellation, First Microphone Priority, feedback control software, and Adaptive Modeling work together to provide flawless sound quality.

Other features of this system include automatic level controls to balance audio for added clarity and integrated USB and Ethernet connections. All CONVEREGE® software can be linked for increased flexibility and their wide range of products within the series has something for everyone, no matter your price point, level of experience, or need.

Beamforming Microphone Array
Finally, ClearOne®’s Beamforming Microphone Array is the perfect addition to your conference room. This product is the industry’s first professional-grade mic system with adaptive steering technology, beamforming, and ClearOne®’s own, next-generation Acoustic Echo Cancellation. Basically, it’s a top-of-the-line microphone that will replace up to 10 traditional microphones, giving you twice the pickup range. Flexible mounting options, 24 microphone elements, and a long list of other incredible features makes this a no brainer for any teleconference setup.

While you can’t go wrong with any of these products, Audio-Video Group is happy to help you decide on the best products for you. We’ll install the equipment so it looks good in your conference room and is guaranteed to work. Stop wasting time and money with unnecessary travel and poor quality audio. Let the professionals help! Call us today!

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