Products We Love: Contemporary Research Venue Vizion

These days, video is everywhere. It is undoubtedly the most engaging form of content, which is why bars, medical offices, houses of worship, stadiums, and convention centers are investing in HD video distribution. Integrating these AV assets can be extremely expensive, which was a roadblock for many smaller facilities trying to implement video distribution. But, Contemporary Research’s new Venue Vizion uses technology that already exists in most venues to deliver HDTV distribution and control for a fraction of the price.

Venue Vizion gives users control over multiple TVs, including the channel, volume, and power. Think about a bar with multiple TVs throughout the facility. With one control system they can turn all of the TVs on or off, change the volume, or switch channels. TVs can be controlled individually, or in groups, to make it even easier to use. Before Venue Vizion, a setup like that would require multiple cables connecting to each individual TV. But now it can all be done with just one small rack.

Pre-Racked System Includes:

  • 4 QMODs – Choice of HDMI 2, YPB 2, and HDMI RGB
  • 1 Active Combiner Venue
  • 1 DXL Ethernet Head-End Display Control Center
  • 20 Display Controllers
  • Software and additional accessories per configuration
  • Pre-Wired

The biggest benefit of Venue Vizion is its ease of use. Because it comes pre-racked, it’s basically ready to use right out of the box. The control page is easily accessible via smartphone, tablet, or PC, which means no additional training or programming is required. Just power on the system, install the TV controllers, and add content sources and scan for channels. It’s incredibly user friendly!

We recently used Venue Vizion at Mount Calvary Baptist Church. Read more about that project here. And let us know if you think this product might be a good fit for you! We’d love to talk about the possibilities!

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